Understanding The Eternal Relationship Between Music And Visual Arts

By Team Mojarto

Miniatures of various musical instruments by Ankit Agrawal

Music and visual arts are intertwined and symbiotic. The symbiosis between the art forms reflects the influence of one medium on the other. One art form gets transformed into the other flawlessly. Music is an impetus and inspiration for many painters and visual artists from time immemorial. Artists produce a pure and transcendental transformation of music onto canvas. It is done both metaphorically and literally. This even developed a concept called synaesthesia or the blending of senses. The idea means that sensory perception of one kind can manifest itself as a sensory experience of another. Here’s a look at some beautiful artwork that can mesmerize one’s soul with the essence of music.

Dhangar by Raosaheb Gurav

This artwork titled ‘Dhangar’ explores the upbeat of the drum and the overall aesthetics of the rhythm. It fosters a multisensory experience in the viewer. Dhangar is a fusion of zealous worship and dance performed to please and evoke the blessings of their gods. The artist brings this spirit, fervour, and reverence to the canvas. The setting is an idyllic rural setting in a religious procession. It is playful and noisy, which the artist recreates visually. Artist Gaurav brings out both reverence and joy through the subtle choice of colours. The brisk and energetic drummers rejuvenate the mood of your living space and transfer the joy of the music onto the viewers.

Musician-03 by Jayshree P Malimath

Artist Jayshree portrays the image of a musician with her tanpura. Tanpura is a string instrument widely popular in classical music. The musician is completely lost in the eloquent music from her instrument. The choice of white adds a sense of calmness and serenity to the painting. The muted colour palettes bring out the mellow symphony of the setting. This warm scene resonates a soft, gentle and melodious music. 

Cosmic Musician by Arti Vohra

Artist Arti Vohra portrays Lord Krishna’s passion for flute in this colourful artwork. The bright and brilliant colours used make the artwork more lively and celestial. The melodious sound from the flute wafts serenity and bliss through the canvas. The music that streams forth from the blue god’s flute is celestial. The sound of the sweet music from his flute fills his devotees in divine bliss. The cows in this artwork are deeply mesmerised by the music from Krishna’s flute.