Fine Art Prints Are The Perfect Choice To Brighten Your Rooms!

By Team Mojarto

We all love to decorate our living spaces and art is the undoubted best choice for it. An artwork can brighten up the room and fill your home or office with spirit and fervour. Experience the joy of decorating your walls with transcending artworks from Mojarto. Mojarto has the largest collection of artworks from various eminent and emerging artists. Mojarto is a paradise for all art lovers, art collectors, and art enthusiasts. But we generally have the preconceived notion that buying artwork is expensive. But here we are to tell you that owning an artwork doesn’t have to be heavy on your pockets. Fine art prints can be your saviour. Prints are the best choice to decorate your walls in your budget. These elegant and classy prints will brighten your walls and lift the mood of your rooms. Check out our wide range of prints. 

Heritage..1 by Geetha Ramasesh

A serene print that brings out the beauty of silence. This print is the perfect choice for the peace-seeking person in you. The artist has made it to be simple and tranquil. It can transfer your room to a more calm place. It beautifully brings out the cosy feeling of being at home. The earthy palette adds to the soothing atmosphere. There is nothing more satisfying than experiencing peace and this art does the same. This subtle minimalistic print blends in well with your walls and is the right choice for your living room.

Golden Elephant by Bhaskar Lahiri

Are you a person who seeks tradition in modernity? If yes, then this elegant print by Bhaskar Lahiri is definitely for you. This print is the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional aesthetics. The refreshing colours and intricate patterns and the majestic elephant instantly give the wall a vibrant look. The choice of colour and the pattern makes it look more traditional and festive. 

Decorate your home with this auspice print and connect with the rich cultural heritage of India.

Life On Chime by Shovin Bhattacharjee

This print on chimes can fill your space with the rhythm and music of life. A perfect celebration of life and music, this print will definitely fill you with a sense of joy, freshness and bliss. The soft hues leave the audience in a world of fantasy and sheer pleasure. The resonating sounds of the chimes are more soothing and meditative. Adding a print of chimes into your meditative space fills you with life’s energy. 

Shore Temple by The Print Studio

The Print Studio has a wide range of prints in all themes. This print will brighten up any space and compliment your walls with an unusual mix of colours. You can place it on your living room wall or in the hallway, it would stand out at any space it’s kept in. It is a perfect print to add a vivid dash of colour to your décor. Break the monotony of a plain wall by putting up a print of a majestic temple. 

Browse our exclusive range of prints online and order a print now to give a  new look to your walls.