Modern Abstract Art

Modern abstract art paintings or sculptures do not portray a specific thing, person or place but their appearance is rather overstated and indistinct. What...

How To Appreciate Art

Usually, the first image that comes to mind when you say Art appreciation is a group of critics or historians discussing unheard names in...

Expressions of Nature: The Timeless Appeal of Landscape Artwork

By Team Mojarto The artists creating landscape artwork are typically romantic and idealistic in their being. Nature extends an extraordinary appeal for them and the...

Etching: The Timeless Art of Printmaking

Etching, often hailed as one of the most esteemed and intricate printmaking techniques, has mesmerised artists and collectors alike for centuries. We shall explore the works of contemporary artists on Mojarto, showcasing their artistic creations in the realm of etching.

Decorating on a Budget: Affordable Art Finds on Mojarto

Discover the power of affordable art in infusing cultural and historical significance into your home decor, creating a welcoming and visually captivating atmosphere.

Conceptual And Fantasy Style Artworks That You Shouldn’t Miss

Moving from surrealism to conceptualism, this collection of works of art reflects all of those genres and more. Here are four conceptual and fantasy-based...

Buy Paintings Online For Your Home

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with noise and distractions, the transformative power of art offers a serene escape, breathing life into our living spaces. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your living room, create a cosy ambience in your bedroom, or infuse your drawing rooms with creative inspiration, the world of online art shopping offers endless possibilities.

Impressionism And Art: Five Incredible Contemporary Artworks

With its intense use of colour and ethereal depiction of light, Impressionism emerged as a groundbreaking movement in the late 19th century. It aimed...

How To Use Buddha Paintings To Attract Luck And Prosperity

Throughout the annals of time, the enigmatic allure of Lord Buddha paintings has captivated hearts, renowned for their hermetic capacity to evoke sensations of bliss, beckon the tides of prosperity, and herald the arrival of wealth. Their timeless appeal transcends the delineations of religious creeds, beckoning to all who aspire to unlock the gates of fortune and serenity.

Enhance Dining Experience Artistically

Gone are those days when tacky and dull picture frames welcomed diners at hotels, restaurants, and cafés. Customers today prefer to enjoy their meals...