4 Reasons Why We Love Landscape Paintings

Looking for a way to make your living environment more ambient and rejuvenating? Consider adorning your walls with exotic landscape paintings! The elements of natural scenic beauty captured on canvas can add a visual appeal and brighten up the most mundane of rooms instantly.

Unravel 2024: A Canvas Of Infinite Possibilities

As the year 2024 begins, let's approach it with the spirit of artists, ready to create a masterpiece of our own lives. Opening doors to this new year is an act of courage, curiosity, and creativity. Let's paint boldly, collaborate freely, and navigate the unknown with resilience, for within the canvas of 2024 lies the potential for a truly extraordinary masterpiece. 

The Intersection of Art and Literature: Exploring the Connections Between Two Creative Forms

Art and literature are two creative forms that have been intertwined throughout history. In this blog post, we will explore the connections between art and literature, examining how these two forms of expression intersect and influence one another.

From Impasto to Gouache: Unveiling 5 Art Techniques Beyond the Norm

The world of art is a boundless and exhilarating realm where creativity knows no bounds. These distinctive art techniques - Impasto, Dry Brushing, Pouring, Ink Wash, and Gouache - represent merely a glimpse of the myriad ways you can breathe life into your artistic visions. Each technique carries its own magic, offering artists a palette of tools and methods to express their creativity, tell their stories, and evoke emotions.

Unwrapping Unique Diwali Gift from Mojarto

This Diwali, why not break away from the ordinary and explore the extraordinary world of art gifting? Mojarto, your trusted e-commerce art platform, brings you the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with these exquisite Diwali gift ideas. 

The Radiant Resonance of Sunflowers in Art

Modern artists often experiment with abstraction, exaggeration, or unconventional materials to challenge traditional representations, infusing flowers with a fresh, contemporary voice in the ongoing artistic dialogue. Sunflowers, with their striking golden hues and remarkable heliotropic behaviour—turning their faces towards the sun—captured the imagination of painters. Let us delve into a sun-flowery exploration of artworks by artists on Mojarto. 

Exploring Seascape Paintings in Contemporary Art

Seascapes in art offer a window into the human experience and our relationship with nature. Whether through literature, art, or personal experience, the sea remains a timeless source of inspiration and a mirror to the human soul.

K. G. Subramanyan: A Maestro of Indian Art

Allow us to introduce you to K. G. Subramanyan, affectionately known as 'Mani da,' a living embodiment of this artistic odyssey. His body of work, a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, is a canvas where art and activism dance in a spirited tango. Join us on a journey through the chapters of the mastero’s legacy, where art and advocacy paint a vivid portrait of his extraordinary life.

Capturing the Divine: Exploring Temples in Indian Paintings

Temples are significant in Hindu iconography, embodying profound symbolism that transcends mere architectural beauty. Incidentally, they have also been a popular subject in paintings throughout history. Mojarto beckons art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the masterful brushstrokes of artists whose works transcend borders and intricately bind them to the very soul of places these temples are built on— a realm steeped in cultural profundity and elegance.

Exploring The Joy Of Friendship Through Artworks

While Friendship Day is officially celebrated on a specific day each year, the idea of celebrating friendship isn't limited to just that one day. To celebrate the spirit of friendship, lets us delve into the world of friendship-themed art while exploring the nuances of the magic of companionship.