Artworks For The Bird Lover In You!

By Team Mojarto

Wings are something that all of us seek. It represents freedom, creativity, clarity, and the inner spirit. Birds are angels with wings among us. They reach for the sky and far above. They fly so high that they become unstoppable. Here are some sublime artworks that capture the colours of plumage in their perfect version.

Macaws by The Print Studio

Macaws and parrots are loved for their colour and adorned for their spirit. These creatures spread colour and cheer into our lives. This fine art print on these colourful birds celebrates the joy and colours of life. The artist has astutely captured the softness of the feathers and the exuberance of its colours. This print is eye-catchy and chirps up your wall with its birdsome and inane happiness. It creates an air of liveliness and cheer.

The take-off by Hemavathy Guha

Birds take off, but nobody knows where. This artwork by artist Hemavathy Guha is a deep-meaning painting. The artist portrays the freedom enjoyed by the birds. The birds are soaring high and far with their freedom. They seem to be fierce and magical. This artwork is the best choice for your workspace. It fills the room with positivity and aspirations. 

Owl 06 by Atish Mukherjee

Owls are one of the most striking birds. This majestic sculpture of an owl is captivating. The wide-opened eyes of the bird spread curiosity and wonder. Artist Atish Mukherjee is popular for his bronze sculptures and birds are a profound theme in it. This bronze sculpture of an owl is rustic and magnificent. The broadhead and binocular vision of the bird leaves the viewer bewitched and talking. This artwork is the best choice to decorate your garden and living space for all its aesthetics.

Original Hand Made Gond Painting Showcasing Beautiful Combination Of Colors by Brajbhushan Dhurve

Birds are a prominent theme and motif in folk art. Tribal arts celebrate nature, animals, and birds extensively. Gond paintings are a reflection of man’s close connection with his natural surroundings. The tribes take inspiration from nature. They also turn to the myths and legends of the land. This reflects the ubiquitous nature of these elements and the interconnectedness of the lives of men and nature. This gond painting by Brajbhushan is an elaborate combination of colours. Gond paintings are believed to bring prosperity and happiness to your homes. Let this elegant gond painting on birds bring lots of good luck and positivity.