Enhance Dining Experience Artistically

Gone are those days when tacky and dull picture frames welcomed diners at hotels, restaurants, and cafés. Customers today prefer to enjoy their meals in a hospitable setting that is also classically artistic. So if you are an interior designer or restaurateur, know that tasteless displays can ruin the reputation of even the best eateries. One needs to adorn the interiors of eating joints in a way that compliments the theme of the place and appeals to the crowd they are looking to attract.

Art, at this point, can go a long way in enhancing the dining experience. If you have good artwork displayed, most customers will not mind waiting for their order. They can savour the art spread across the place. Imagine your pride when, instead of dabbling with their smartphones, diners discuss art over meals. Good artwork selection can do wonders to make each visit an affair to remember. It is like getting an artistic treat at the cost of one meal.

How about a painting by Ella Prakash? Her works are ideal for a high-end café or a restaurant. Modern, poignant, and layered – there is loads to explore in her works. Her abstract work is sure to catch the attention of visitors. Veteran art lovers can enjoy a drink at your cosy café while understanding Ella’s artistic vision and thoughts.

img 2024 04 13T153021.267
Trust by Ella Prakash

Another contemporary Indian artist to consider for themed restaurants and hotels is Anuradha Thakur, whose paintings can brighten up the interiors with her colourful palette. If you want your customers to go into a trance, her paintings are sure to add attraction to any joint. A
Her paintings possess a kaleidoscope of colours that breathe life into any interior space, captivating the attention of patrons. With skilful contemporary artistry, Thakur effortlessly transports viewers into a realm where tradition meets modernity. Whether you aim to mesmerize local visitors or enchant foreign guests, Thakur’s creations possess a universal charm that transcends boundaries. With her artworks adorning your establishment, prepare to evoke a sense of wonder and delight in all who step through your doors.

img 30
Ethnic Serendipity-259 by Anuradha Thakur

Dinkar Jadhav‘s work is ideal for places that host rock bands or musicians. Horses predominantly become his vehicle for communication. These horses symbolize the passion for love, the struggle for a living, and the spirit of freedom. The same thoughts echo from the songs penned by rock artists. When his works become part of funky cafés and pubs, the ambience gets all the more electrifying.

Celebration by Dinkar Jadhav

If, as an owner, you are looking to create a serene and romantic atmosphere, then choose Somnath Bothe‘s charcoal on paper works. His works are conversational pieces that evoke nostalgia. He manages to connect village life and urban landscape beautifully with his paintings. His works will act as a catalyst for a wonderful evening or serene afternoon over a cup of coffee or a mocktail.

img 2024 04 13T155341.647
The Endless River In Banaras by Somnath Bothe

With good artwork, restaurants, hoteliers, and café owners can charm their customers and build a bond cemented by art. So buy a piece of art and connect with patrons in style. Let the dinners relish food with a hint of art.