Artworks That Captures Mother’s Purest Form Of Love

By Team Mojarto

Mother’s love is the most exceptional kind of love ever existed and received. She is the one soul who starts loving and caring for us right before our birth. Undoubtedly, she is our first friend, teacher and well-wisher. It is a universal fact that a mother’s love is incomparable and the purest form of love. But sometimes as we grow, we forget to notice her love and to love her back. But that shouldn’t stop you from expressing your love for your mother. Mother’s Day is around the corner here are 5 unique artworks that express mother’s love and remain anchored to your mind.

Mother And Child – II by Thota Vaikuntam

Mother’s believe their children to be beautiful angels from heaven. The world might put you down for your colour and shortcomings, but to your mother, you are the most beautiful creature on earth. She believes you to be celestial blessings, but the truth is, she is a celestial blessing in our lives. Thota Vaikuntam has proven to portray the real love of a mother through his serigraphs. He brings out the concept organically, through the perfect choice of colours. This artwork realistically captures the mother’s love and the pure joy of the kid enjoying it. In this painting, the artist shows how our mother becomes our first friend in life. It reminds us of how she plays with us amid her busy household tasks. 

Mother by Soumen Das

There isn’t a person who can understand us better than our mother. She nurtured us and prays for our growth and well-being. Paradoxically, she is selfless and becomes selfish for her child. This artwork, titled ‘mother’ by Soumen Das, impeccably captures the nurturing, forgiving and sacrificial nature of mother on canvas.

Mother – V by M F Husain

Mother Teresa asserted the fact that love is not just for children born from your womb. She is an expression of love, humanity and motherhood. Artist genius M. F. Hussain is known for his serigraphs on Mother Teresa. His artworks are not complete figurative arts, but it clearly expresses her love and affection for every love-deprived child.

Motherhood Breaking Poverty by Vidhya Sagar Tayal

This artwork, titled ‘motherhood breaking poverty’ by Vidhya Sagar Tayal brings out the unconditional love of a mother. It shows the depth of her love where even poverty fails to deter her. Her love is the best medicine that cures us of poverty and negativity. We feel safe in her warmth and touch.