4 Artworks On Pet Animals That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them Again

  • Team Mojarto

Someone said someday that our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. Yes, aptly pet animals are the best companions of man. They play a vital role in many of our lives. They become our very close friends who understand our feelings and emotions without words. Without them, life would be monotonous and boring. Pets also give us the space to love them immensely without any restrictions. Portraying your love for your pet on canvas enhances the beauty of the bond and brightens up your home. Here are some paintings of pet animals that will make you fall in love with them again.

pet animals
Dog in a garden by Manvee Singh

Dogs are often seen as angels in disguise. These adorably playful companions spread their infectious cheer and spirit all over the house. They can form affectionate connections not just with the man but with every other species. In art, too, dogs have found a special place as a muse for their immense love, affection, and loyalty. Manvee Singh’s paintings on animals bring out their endearment precisely. The artist captures the amorous gaze of the animals, which in itself is twinkling with love.

Fish Queen by SK Nur Ali

Cats are adored not just for their graceful beauty and hypnotising eyes, but for their enigmatic character. These majestic creatures sometimes become more mysterious and secretive. The feline pets are the best listener and companions. Nur Ali’s Fish Queen brings out the purr-fect sleuths in them. 

Govardhan by Prakash Pore

The cow has been an important part of man’s life. Apart from domesticity, there seems to be a mutual understanding of love between man and cows. The overly enthusiastic bovines have found a special place in Hindu mythology, where they are worshipped and have been best companions of revered men. Artist Prakash Pore aesthetically portrays the stories of Lord Krishna on a canvas where cows find an important place. He ethereally infuses human nature of worship and devotion into the cattle who seem to be engrossed in the sermon of Krishna.


Parrots are known for their unique character of striking choices. They have their likes and dislikes and stay true to their instincts. These soft-feathered creatures have also proved to be best comrades. Great writers and painters portray parrots as the best consort of women, especially lonely women in love. Sukumaran pictorially represents this bond between women and parrots.

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