Affordable Artworks To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Living Space

By Team Mojarto

Art has been one of the most preferred decorations among the elite group. In olden times art per se was only for the elite section of the society. It was considered a luxury and a showcase of one’s financial status. But Mojarto has busted this notion and made art available for everyone. Mojarto believes that art is for all who love it. Art is now for the populist. It is for everyone to enjoy, relish and rejoice. Mojarto has a wide range of affordable artworks awaiting to decorate your walls. Explore through the pages of our website to select the artwork that best suits your budget and taste.

Given below are some affordable artworks enlisted on our website. Let’s get started!

Radha By Prakash Deshmukh affordable artwork
Radha By Prakash Deshmukh

Bright colors attract every eye that crosses it. This captivating artwork immerses the viewers with its pleasant hues and graceful strokes. The broad eyes and well-defined image features mesmerizes the viewer. This affordable artwork is the best conversation starter. 

Devotional By Tapon Roy
Devotional By Tapon Roy

Watercolour paintings are loved by many for their elegance and softness. The hues used bring out a sense of subtlety and calmness. Watercolour artworks are the best for your meditative and cosy resting spot. The artwork spreads a divine and celestial essence in the air. 

Landscape By Pabitra Kundu
Landscape By Pabitra Kundu

Landscapes are the most suitable art for the living spaces. Bring home the energy, spirit and cheer of nature through these landscape paintings in your budget.

Ancient Warli Arts On Handmade Paper By Harpreet Kaur Punn
Ancient Warli Arts On Handmade Paper By Harpreet Kaur Punn 

Folk art still holds its special place. It is widely prevalent and celebrated in art. It is adorable to decorate your walls with aesthetic folk arts within your budget. It is a symbol of our tradition, culture and diversity. Let an artwork on Warli art do the talking in your hall space and waiting rooms.