How To Use Buddha Paintings To Attract Luck And Prosperity

By Team Mojarto

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Buddha by Raj Kumar Sharma

Throughout the annals of time, the enigmatic allure of Lord Buddha paintings has captivated hearts, renowned for their hermetic capacity to evoke sensations of bliss, beckon the tides of prosperity, and herald the arrival of wealth. This revered sentiment extends beyond the confines of Buddhist doctrine; it finds resonance among adherents of the Hindu faith as well. Guided by the ancient wisdom enshrined in the tenets of Feng Shui and Vastu, these sacred artworks are believed to serve as conduits for the augmentation of Chi, the vital life force that courses through existence, thus paving the path toward abundance and auspicious fortune. Their timeless appeal transcends the delineations of religious creeds, beckoning to all who aspire to unlock the gates of fortune and serenity.

Meditating Buddha

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Buddha by Amritraj Koban

The serene visage of the meditating Lord Buddha holds a distinctive allure among the myriad representations of the enlightened sage. Within this revered pose, as portrayed in the artwork by Amritraj Koban under consideration, lies a series of smaller vignettes, each depicting pivotal moments from Buddha’s illustrious life journey. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the placement of a meditating Buddha painting holds significance, capable of exerting influence over various facets of existence. Placing such an artwork towards the northern direction is believed to imbue one’s career endeavours with a potent energy, fostering opportunities for advancement and fulfilment. Similarly, positioning it in the northwest is thought to beckon the presence of benevolent allies and blessings, enriching one’s life journey with support and serenity.

Originality matters

Original Indian Paintings

When acquiring a painting, discerning connoisseurs are advised to prioritise original artworks for their craftsmanship. The exemplar in question, crafted meticulously by Nitu Chhajer using acrylic on canvas, stands as a testament to this principle. Beyond its tangible attributes, this artwork bears profound significance, as articulated by the artist. It serves as a poignant reflection on the journey of life, wherein each experience, however tumultuous, is bestowed as a precious gift. These encounters serve as catalysts for introspection, enabling individuals to delve deeper into the recesses of their inner selves, recalibrate their priorities, and unearth invaluable revelations. In essence, this profound sentiment echoes the transformative awakening experienced by Gautama Buddha upon embracing the transformative power of meditation.

Where to place a Buddha painting

buddha painting vastu direction
Journey Of Buddha I by Kandan G

The positioning of a Buddha painting holds significant importance, with careful consideration influencing the ambience and energy of a space. It is advised against relegating such a revered artwork to lower levels of a structure, such as a basement, as this may inadvertently diminish its spiritual resonance. Elevating the painting to a higher vantage point, conversely, serves as a gesture of reverence towards Lord Buddha, infusing the surroundings with a palpable aura of positivity. The artwork by Kandan G under scrutiny, notable for its juxtaposition of the commonplace and the exotic, evokes a sense of transcendence, imbued with a surreal quality that transcends the mundane. With a diverse array of Buddha paintings at one’s disposal at Mojarto, individuals are afforded the liberty to select artworks that resonate most harmoniously with their sensibilities and aspirations.