Printmaking Offers Unparalleled Scope For Decoration

  • Team Mojarto

Printmaking is an art that involves a blend of highly technical skill and artistic vision. The centuries-old technique is in a continuous process of evolution with time, technology and ideas. It is one of the refined techniques where artists are in continuous experimentation with the various techniques. Similar to its widespread techniques, printmaking also offers the best decorative artworks. A unique design and theme for different spaces. Different techniques offer different effects when placed in a setting.

Printmaking techniques’ ability to reproduce images and create unique visual qualities has won the hearts of many artists and art lovers. Woodcut, linocut, etching, lithography, collagraph, aquatint, serigraph and digital prints are some of the most widespread and loved printmaking techniques. Choose a printmaking artwork to decorate your walls with an accent design that speaks to you and appeals to the mood of the setting.

Confluence by Hemavathy Guha

An artist working on a woodcut design is a true sight of excitement. The oldest known technique of printmaking is skilfully done on a wooden block where the design is carved, inked and then printed. This artwork is the perfect choice to make your hallways and lounges look more elegant and grand.

Untitled by Chayan Das Thakur

Linocut is a technique that evolved from woodcuts. In this medium, the wooden block was replaced with a linoleum sheet. Linocuts gained its popularity for much smoother, free lines and ease handling in comparison to woodcut.

Untitled by Laxma Goud

Etching is one of the most commonly used intaglio techniques. It involves incising marks into a plate through a process called “biting.” The design is then drawn onto a plate with a needle. The etched plate is then immersed in a bath of acid. This artwork would leave your guests awestruck with its refined design and intricate pattern.

Untitled by Maite Delteil

A unique art form that stands out on its own is lithography. It process in which artists directly draw on a flat stone using wax or oil-based medium, and then coat the stone with water-based liquids. It is loved by many for its appearance and clarity of prints. This eccentric artwork would elevate the class look of your walls.