The Smart Way To Fill Your Room With Enriching Colours

  • Team Mojarto

We belong to a society that loves vibrancy and colours. Similar to its people and place, Indian art and design are also popular for their vibrant hues and striking patterns. The intricate details, indigenous theme and rustic motifs add to the elegance of the art. The country’s cultural diversity, traditional affluence and geographical richness add up to the glory of the arts. This vastness inspires both artists and art lovers to explore the enormous options available. Bring home the beauty of India through artworks that reflect the vibrancy of the country. Decorate your living and working spaces with eclectic designs, patterns and colours. Step into the radiant arena of Indian art to get swept by the waves of astonishment and charm. Here are some captivating artworks that would spruce up your space with ease.

Dashavtar by Antra Srivastava

This artwork is the perfect experiment to blend the essence of bright colours with traditional images. This artwork brings together artistic sense and creative storytelling that makes it more delightful to decorate your living spaces.

Tree Of Life by Richa Pamnani

Strike the right balance between tranquillity and rejuvenation with this dazzling artwork. The artwork with its rich colour palette can be both exciting and relaxing. The colours will fill you with feelings of warmth, romance, cheerfulness and creativity. This eccentric artwork is suitable for your private space where you seek the day’s much needed calm and energy. It creates an oxymoronic scenario that gets balanced with every colour.

Ugady by M D Rustum

The best way to make your living space radiant is by decorating the interiors with bright colour artworks against neutral colour walls. The subtle wall colour enhances the appearance of the artwork and embellishes the colours. This artwork with its loud pops of colours will become the statement accent of the room. 

Original Gond Painting Showcasing Birds Cant Live Without Trees by Brajbhushan Dhurve

Folk art painting is another unique way to uplift the mood of the space. Combining traditional and modern ideas into the interior design may seem challenging. However, when done correctly, the mixture creates a unique, multi-layered space which that rejuvenates and energises you from within. One of the perks of blending traditional and modern interior design styles is creating a spotlight style that would be unique to your living space. It becomes the perfect choice to reflect your style in the interior.