Check Out What’s New On Mojarto This Week!

By Team Mojarto

The collection of artworks in Mojarto is growing every week! There are a large number of artists signing up with us to sell their artworks. This shows the trust the artist community has in Mojarto. Having said that, let us dive right into this week’s new collection. This week too like every other week has a good share of artworks added to our website. These artworks differ in style, medium, themes and motifs and become united in mesmerising the viewer. Somewhere among this collection is that artwork that would get stuck to your mind and urge you to take it home. We recommend you explore through the pages of Mojarto to view, appreciate and buy the artworks that best suit you and your walls.

Here are a few artworks that are from this week’s New on Mojarto curation!

Untited by Vrindavan Solanki

Here is an artist whose artworks speak multitude with a minimal colour palette. His artworks bring out the beauty of his place and people. Like the Chinese pen and ink painters, the only colour he majorly engages is black that results in a magnificent illustration. His canvas glows as though illuminated with an inner light that brims with sensuousness.

Owls by Thota Laxminarayana

It is always good to have a melange of colours around us. Artist Thota Laxminarayana does that in his stylised vocabulary which is deeply rooted in Indian folk art. He experiments on his canvas to synchronise it with the rural expression. Without diluting the essence of his environment he creates visual challenges in his compositions. The serene appearing folk culture in his paintings are executed in an exceptional economy of lines. Although portrayed in a vibrant palette the colour scheme remains subtle and well- coordinated.

Aloukikam (Sublime Series) by Uma Makala

An artist should know to kindle the right emotion in the viewers and Uma Makala knows the best way to caress the inner peace in her viewer. Uma’s artworks create a sublime effect and the sublimity exalts the serenity of the surrounding. The artist has aesthetically created a unison between emotions and spirituality in nature and people. The mythological characters in her paintings spread their unconditional love, harmony and serenity.

Deep Love by Uttam Manna

Uttam Manna is an artist who loves transferring his soul onto his canvas. The brightly coloured artworks which majorly revolve around bulls are a real treat to the eyes. His careful choice of yellow and red makes his artworks more memorable and enticingly stuck to the viewer. His bulls become the true carriers of expressions that are infectious.