An Off-Beat Way To Beautify Your Living Space With Artworks

  • Team Mojarto

The title of this blog conveniently calls it off-beat, but the style and medium that will be listed below is an indigenous art that has been reduced to the off-beat category. A style that was a common and mainstream one has now become something exotic. The form is the Lippan Kaam, also known as Chittar Kaam. Lippan art is a clay art form from the state of Gujarat, India. It is widely done by the villagers of Kutch to decorate their homes. Traditionally “lippan” is made by adding mud and cow dung on the walls.

The colour brown, which is dominant in this art, has a unique essence to catch the eye. It is the colour of the earth, environment and everything around us. It splatters a sense of rusticity and antiquity throughout. Bring in the ethereal effect of mud through the beauty of Lippan art into your homes through these exciting artworks from Mojarto.

Running Horse Mud Painting by Durlabhji Makwana

Originally, Lippan art was a mirror-mud-relief work where the mirrors reflect light which enhances the beauty of the painting. It is used to embellish the interior and exterior walls of their houses. Beautiful designs using camels, birds, trees, flowers, peacocks and other nature-inspired motifs are created on the wall of homes using mud, thread and mirrors. Deities and symbols that bring prosperity and peace to homes are creatively designed in this art form.

Sangeet Sandhya Mud Painting by Durlabhji Makwana

This mud artwork is suitable for the cosy corner near your windows or balcony sit-outs.  The beauty of such a space comes to full glory with the sunshine beaming on the artwork or evening lights that create an atmosphere of grandeur. It is best for personalising your living space with the magic of nature.

Kachchh traditional mud painting by Durlabhji Makwana

Lippan Kaam is also the best choice to gift your loved ones for festivals. It is the perfect gift for housewarming ceremonies and pujas. Gift the goodness of earth and colours with this perfect artwork. This art is believed to bring prosperity and attract positivity. Make your loved one feel blessed and important with this exotic mud artwork.