Dream Paintings: Rich Source Of Visual Splendour

By Team Mojarto

Here are some dream paintings that are a rich source of visual splendour

Sleep is something that amuses most of us. What happens to our minds and souls is still a mystery. Just like sleep dreams are also an enduring source of mystery to us. Its cause, occurrence, and reason are still a matter of debate and research. The word ‘dream’ is used both literally and metaphorically. They are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. It can be entertaining, fun, and romantic. It can be disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre too. Mostly every one of us would have had a melange of these experiences. Its cause, occurrence, and reason are still a matter of debate and research.

Dreams are an enduring source of mystery

Lullaby Dream paintings
Lullaby by Meena Laishram

Dreams aren’t just a part of our sleep cycle, it is believed to be something beyond that simplicity. It is a whole lot of sophistication that is clasped to it. It might be a reflection of our unconscious desires and wishes, which our subconscious mind tries to achieve through dreams.  It is an entire process of consolidating and processing information gathered during the day. Metaphorically, dreams are compared to ambitions and persuasions. 

Dreams and Reality
The History of Dreams And Reality by Gayatri Artist

Dreams are nothing but our imaginations

Imagery, that is created by our mind with all the subconscious desires and knowledge. This draws a connection between dreams and art, where art is a representation of artists’ imaginations. Furthermore, dreams are the birth and breeding spot of art. As French philosopher Michel Foucault expressed it, ‘every act of imagination points implicitly to the dream… the dream is the first condition of its possibility.’ It is a world of rich vision that has inspired many artists and writers. It has a boundless capacity to foster imagination and unique perceptions. Coleridge’s Kubla Khan is an evident result of a slumbering mind’s imagination. 
Here are some artists’ perspectives of dreams and their way of representing them. 

Imagine A Dream
Imagine A Dream by Tvesha Singh

A place filled with hues, but can we be sure of the colours that appear in them. All we remember is the scene. Is it right to say that our dreams are colourless or monochromatic?  Artist Tvesha Singh portrays her perception of dreams using a wide choice of colours. The artist’s artwork titled ‘imagine a dream’ splashes melange colours. 

Fascinating Dream
Love Desire IV by Kunal Jain

It is fascinating to understand and interpret dreams. It leaves us perplexed because it is formed in our minds yet alien to us. Artist Kunal Jain subtly displays the subconscious desire and fear of his images. The choice of colour shows the intensity of the dream and makes the viewer experience the situation of the dreamer.