Why Spring Is The Best Season And You Should Paint It!

  • Team Mojarto
Don’t you love spring? The chilly winds breezing over damp soil; flowers of every colour at its full bloom; the leaves greener than regular… I think it is safe to say that spring is one of the most splendid seasons on Earth. So, why not paint the most welcoming season?
Cosmic Light by Hufreesh Dumasia Chopra

Whether you stand on a cliff and look at a spring landscape or download a picture from the internet to paint, it may seem extremely difficult especially with the colours and textures which can only be observed during the season. But that doesn’t mean you cannot paint spring with a twist.

Presenting the aesthetically beautiful and pleasing abstracts!

Wishful Wisteria by Nisha Sehjpal

What are abstracts?

As per the Oxford dictionary, an abstract is defined as – ‘existing only as an idea; not a physical thing.’ But if you ask Mojarto, an abstract can be anything you wish to be. All you need is a fragment of imagination and some colours to support that vision.
Take a brush and dip it in a colour. Then stroke the canvas with the brush in any direction you want it to be. It may seem messy, but the end result of an abstract painting is worth it. So, why not paint the delightful spring season using the abstract form of art?

Spring Forest by Broti Ganguly

The bond of spring and abstracts

As bizarre as it may sound, it is anything but that. The beauty of a spring abstract lies in the fact that spring is a season of colours and an abstract invites a riot of colours.

Over the years, many artists from all over the world have used spring as their inspiration to create masterpieces. Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh who are well known impressionist and post-impressionist artists, often paint their canvases with spring as their subject.
To create a spring abstract, begin with deciding the colours. The vibrant season shouldn’t be denied of bright, exploding paints.

Spring by Dilraj Kaur

After choosing the colours, dip your brushes into the paint and start bringing your imagery to life on canvas. Splash colours across the white stretch of cloth, dab it with a sponge, shape it with thick and thin strokes, anything which guides you towards the landscape you’ve ploughed up in your head. And when you’ve successfully completed a spring abstract, then perhaps you could start experimenting abstracts with the other seasons like summer, winter and even rain too!