Love Sunsets? Here’s The Best Way To Enjoy Them

By Team Mojarto

Alone The Evening… by Prabhakaran

No matter which city you belong to, if you feel like watching a wholesome drama, then I suggest you switch off your mobile phones and turn off your computers because no Netflix or Amazon Prime is going to telecast this. Sunsets – A scene like no other; your daily dose of wonder!

Skies At Dusk by Vandana Mehta

Be it a hot day where your skin is on fire or a cold, freezing day turning your fingertips to icicles, the sun sets nonetheless and you are left open-mouthed with awe and a childlike excitement. Sunsets may seem so complicated yet so simple, which is why I believe that sunsets are not seen but felt. And the best way to describe a sunset would be – ‘Colourful riots breaking through barriers; Disrupting the much familiar peace. It’s chaos everywhere. But follow the path of colours, Amidst this explosion, lies the cloud of calmness.’

The Sunset Timing by Pradeep P

Every day the many hues of the sun, play together to display a picture of serenity. And just when you think you’ve seen plenty, they move like the characters do on a theatre stage and bring forth a new scene to be enjoyed wholeheartedly. That’s the power of the setting sun.

Yet, there are some special people who happen to enjoy sunsets, a tad bit more than the rest of us. And those are the ones who make it their goal to capture the perfect image of the setting sun through camera lenses and acrylics in a canvas. And to prove this point, think of the French painter, Claude Monet who dedicated his entire life to painting dawns and dusks; so much that an entire movement was named after his art.

Sunset by Kumar Ranadive

Call it impressionism; a drama in the sky or twilight, the stretch of colours across the horizon is truly a masterpiece. And one of the best things about sunsets is that you could embrace a shard of this beautiful feeling every day on the wall of your house.

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