Paintings Of Daily Life Which Give Us The Utmost Pleasure To Look At

By Team Mojarto

Each day as we step out of the house, we see so many things. It could be something systematic like children going to school or extremely mundane like cars, bikes and vehicles. But there’s no denying that there is some boring, regular stuff that doesn’t appeal to us every day but looks absolutely spectacular on a canvas.

Here are a few things which have the effect of wholesomeness on the first gaze.


Parl Street by Kanan Ananthasubraman

They are noisy, cluttered and crowded, especially for the people living in the city. Each day as we walk, our sole focus remains on reaching the destination as quickly as possible. But surprisingly, the same cannot be said for paintings of the streets. They are sensational to look at and oddly, calming.


Coffee by Prishni Raj

Our day doesn’t start until we’ve had our dose of coffee and our day doesn’t end without the bitter liquid flowing down our throats. Coffee is favoured so much that the artworks or paintings that remind us of coffee are simply supreme.


Old Cycle by Uday Bhan

Approximately, how many cycles do you think you see every day? Five? Eight? But none of them matter, do they? They’re just metal rods attached to two wheels that keep going round and round when the cyclist pedals. But the same cannot be said for cycles in paintings. Paintings of cycles are so aesthetically pleasing that even if the decor doesn’t allow for the painting of a cycle, they make space for themselves and end up being a part of the set.


A Walk On The Beach by Lasya Upadhyaya

Walking is good for health… Walking shouldn’t be overdone… Bleh! Walking is pleasant. Period! And paintings of walking are even more pleasant. The aura which falls over us looking at our pretty subjects walking over beaches or under moonlight simply cannot be put into words.


Sunset At Morjim Beach Goa by Kajal Nalwa

Whether we see it or not; whether we bask in the glorious kaleidoscope or not; it happens every day and even more spectacular than the previous day. Be it from the terraces of our homes or from a four-pointed painting, sunsets should be treasured without a debate.

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