Tips And Tricks For Artists Who Are Beginners

By Team Mojarto 

All great artists today started as beginners. They studied their tools, how to use them and put their imagination on paper. Similarly, if you aim to become an artist in the future, here are some tools which you need to have with you and keep practising.

Landscape By Sanjay Devsale artists
Landscape By Sanjay Devsale

This is the most basic necessity for all artists. Be a beginner or a full-time practitioner, a sketchbook with the correct paper thickness to suit your drawing is a must-have at all times. These sketchbooks come in different sizes so you can easily squeeze them into your bags.

Keeping a pencil is common knowledge but if you are starting then it is best to experiment with different mediums and charcoal is truly the best replacement for pencil. The charcoal comes in small sizes and is even shaped like a pencil. It helps with the texture of the drawing and gives much depth compared to pencils.

Daily Life By Mahesh Pal Gobra artists
Daily Life By Mahesh Pal Gobra

Primary Paints
The three primary colours – red, blue and yellow, give birth to three secondary colours which are green, purple and orange which leave you with six colours in total even if you are short on colours. This is why it is necessary for artists to keep the primary colours under all circumstances.

Untitled By Ramesh Gorjala

A clean and strong palette will help you mix several colours at the same time without getting messy. And since it also holds the paints for you till you finish painting, it needs to be present among the other necessities in your bag.

Horse series 217 by Devidas Dharmadhikari

A full set of paintbrushes takes too much space which is why for artists who are beginners, it is alright to have the basic sizes. Size 4 on a round brush works for almost everything and a size 8 also does good by the art.