The Basics Are The Boss Today! So, Let’s Head Back…

By Team Mojarto

The first thing we’re taught in school is how to hold a pencil properly. And once we learn that, well, each of us become artists of a kind. We scribble; we doodle; we make patterns and whatnot. Many of us don’t realise this but when if we think of a memory of a pencil, we will remember our childish art on the last page of a notebook.

Untitled by K S Kulkarni

Drawings are the basics of any artist. From Nandalal Bose to M. F. Hussain, each of them may have made history but began with drawings! What starts as a pencil progresses to colour pencils, pens, charcoals, crayons, paint brushes and every other variety of art to exist today.

Secret Meeting by Runa Biswas

Drawings evolved over the years and now, can even be found in the digital worlds. Netizens find it amazing how technology can help them enjoy their favourite past time with comfort and convenience. As social media pages for drawings grew, apps to support those features too flourished.

Today drawing is a wide arena on your walls, on your screens, as graffiti, and of course, the last page of our notebook.

Castle Atop A Cliff by Ninoshka Nadia Dias

Drawing is a form of expression; it contains a sack full of elements and it is a skill which may or may not be useful for one in the future but the future is indefinite and in order for one to make a masterpiece, begin with a drawing today. It is the boss of all art. After all, the last page of your notebook exists for your creativity! A small dot and a line can take
you a long way…

A Wild Beauty by Sohel Reja

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