Street Photography For Your Home Decor

By Team Mojarto

From the outside, it is a simple bed of tar and grease laid with the help of a road roller. But, give it a little thought and you will see millions of stories being engraved on the ground with each coat of the tar. That’s the beauty of a street.

I Have A Dream…. by Rahul Ghosh

For a simple carpenter, selling his works in a street is where his dreams come true but for a
photographer, it is a scene which deserves capturing. Many such stories are captured by
photographers all around the world and framed by carpenters to enhance the aesthetics of your home walls.

Untitled by Karan Khanna

When a street photograph is hoisted up your wall, your wall which spoke of a fresh coated layer of paint, starts boasting of a tale of the unknown. Street photography inside your house, despite always being in the trend, is extremely pleasing to look at and spreads an aura of wholesomeness.

Platform by Srijan Nandan

It’s a silent statement that the world outside is blooming each day and a testimony that this street existed and the particular scenario took place; and thanks to the photographer, the moment was captured in time.

Phoolwala Of Calcutta by Srijan Nandan

Not to mention, it is a great conversation initiator. Whether you design a Bohemian styled home or a classy New York styled loft, street photography without a doubt, blends in perfectly with the decor and invites conversation from the guests who visit your nest. And since, street photography bursts with both colour and monochromatic tones; you can leave it alone to do its job of beautifying your walls wholeheartedly.
Remember, home is where the heart is and a street is where the soul is!

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