Enjoy The Narration Of Ramayana Through These Paintings!!

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Ramayana, one of the great Indian epics, has influenced every aspect of the country’s culture and tradition. A glimpse of it is very evident and makes an important theme in most of the visual and performing arts in India. The mythology manifests the heroic adventure of Sri Ramachandra Murthy. It glorifies and sanctifies every action of his as the greatest virtue. The epic written by Valmiki is a collection of episodes of love, betrayal, valour, sacrifice and compassion woven around magical occurrences. Indian art forms highly eulogise the stories. The most popular among them are Sita Kalyana, Ram vanavasa (peregrination in the forest) and shenanigans of the monkey-human, Hanuman.

Sita swayamvar is one of the nail-biting moments in the epic. The author explains how the hall was filled with young and strong princes of various kingdoms where everyone fails to move an inch of Rudra’s bow. But then came the prince Rama who lifts the bow with ease, as if it were a garland of flowers, broke it with such irresistible force that the mighty bow snapped with a crash like a clap of thunder. And there fell from heaven a shower of flowers.

An Epic Of Thousand Lines… Madhubani’S Ramayana by Unknown Artist

This episodic narration gives goosebumps at sight. The wedding of Ram and Sita. Another important episode in Ramayana gracefully spreads its happiness and joy.

An Epic Of Thousand Lines… Madhubani’S Ramayana by Unknown Artist

This painting in watercolour brings out the true nature of Sarama, an asura. Sarama was the asura guard appointed by the asura king Ravana to guard Sita when she was his captive in Lanka. But Sarama turned out to be the best companion and friend of Sita. This episode from the epic shows the truth of inherent goodness in everyone including the asura, who were otherwise vanquished.

Sita & Sarama by Rajib Gain

Was Ravana the first aviator of the world?
Ravana, the asura king was not just the villain of Rama but a man of discipline, science and astrology. His qualities and virtues were to be celebrated but in the dark. Recently, there are debates on Ravana being the first aviator in the world. Valmiki says that the protagonist abducts Sita in his golden flying chariot, Pushpaka vimana, which has created a heated claim on the vimana being the first aeroplane of the world, which is really sad news for the Wright brothers.

An Epic Of Thousand Lines… Madhubani Ramayana by Unknown Artist

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