Revisiting S.H. Raza With These 10 Fascinating Artworks

By Gunjan Tripathi 

S.H. Raza is probably one of the most well-recognised names in the visual arts landscape. Known to be one of the most legendary Indian artists, this master needs no introduction. His desire to seek deeper meaning, to find a visual language that could retain, resonate and radiate universal truths that he believed in, gave birth to the majestic and iconic geometric patterns that we are familiar with today.

S.H. Raza was born in Madhya Pradesh, India but spent most of his early adult life, including his period of art training in Paris, France. However, it was his Indian roots that helped him find his true artistic style. Visits to Ajanta Caves along with an extensive study of ancient Indian texts led him to the find expression in a small circular form called “bindu” which he believed was the central point of energy for the creation and progression of all life forms.

Raza has been awarded the highest citizenship awards, has broken art auction records and remains to this date one of the most well- recognised names in the art community.

He along with F.N. SouzaM.F. Hussain, K.H. Ara and others formed the Bombay Progressive Artist Group, which completely changed the Indian art landscape. Raza is known to be the flag bearer of modern abstract art in India.

Let us revisit his masterpieces through these 10 artworks.

1. Panchtatva

S.H. Raza Represents the key natural elements – sky or space, air,  water, fire and earth, this powerful work combines the 5 greatest universal truths symbolically on canvas.

Panchtatva By S H Raza (S.H. Raza)
Panchtatva By S H Raza

2. Earth

A tribute to Mother Earth and her power to sustain life, this artwork is definitely a masterpiece of geometric abstraction.

Earth By S H Raza
Earth By S H Raza

3. Bindu

S.H. Raza’s iconic Bindu is a journey to the core, representing the dark womb, the centre of the universe and the source of all matter.

Bindu By S H Raza
Bindu By S H Raza

4. Fire

Blazing through the canvas is one of the key natural elements, the destroyer or fire, that cleanses and allows for a fresh start. As powerful as its significance, there is an unique beauty that radiated through this particular work.

Fire By S H Raza
Fire By S H Raza

5. Untitled

This untitled work is a classic example of S.H. Raza’s trademark balance of geometry, bold colours and profound philosophical insight.

Untitled By S H Raza
Untitled By S H Raza

6. L-inconnu

A break from his popular geometric compositions, this artwork carries forward his vibrant colour palette.

Immanence By S H Raza
L’inconnu By S H Raza

7. Immanence

Raza has infused lines from Mahatma Gandhi in this iconic artwork bringing together two great leaders.

Immanence By S H Raza
Immanence By S H Raza

8. Kundalini

A wonderful depiction of the synergy in form and energy through geometric composition.

Kundalini By S H Raza
Kundalini By S H Raza

9. Bindu

Another masterpiece from his famed “Bindu Series”.

Bindu By S H Raza
Bindu By S H Raza

10. Asto Maa

Asto Maa reflects Raza’s inclination towards Indian thought and philosophy and perhaps an expression of his humility to the vastness of mother nature.

Asto Maa... By S H Raza
Asto Maa… By S H Raza