10 Abstract Landscape Paintings To See The World Beyond Realism

By Gunjan Tripathi 

Abstract landscape paintings are a perfect example of interweaving of nature and abstract art. Abstraction aims to bring out the artists inner vision in a symbolic representation beyond the normal scope of imagination.

Explore landscapes like never before through these abstract landscape paintings.

1. Golden Village by M Singh

M Singh’s powerful abstract landscape paintings are a reflection of his own nostalgic memories, just like this acrylic on canvas where he envisions his village from a distance. Through his eccentric brush strokes and dynamic colour compositions, he forms an instant emotional connect with the audience.

abstract landscape paintings
Golden Village by M. Singh

2. Specked Spaces No. 12 by Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma uses various textures, colours and techniques to bring alive his inspirations on canvas. In his series Speckled Spaces, he uses dry and wet strokes of acrylic on paper to create minimal abstract landscapes.

Specked Spaces No. 12 by Mahesh Sharma abstract landscape
Specked Spaces No. 12 by Mahesh Sharma

3. Landscape by Geetha Ramasesh

Geetha Ramasesh’s abstract landscape painting has a distinctive rustic appeal due to her predominantly deep mahogany palette with vivid dashes of ochre & crimson. Her simplicity of expression in this striking landscape painting brings alive the energy of nature and is one of the most beautiful abstract landscape paintings.

Landscape by Geetha Ramasesh

4. Village by the lake by Gangu Gouda

Deep hues of ultramarine blue, cobalt blue and crimson create a mystic effect in this landscape by Gangu Gouda.

Village by the lake by Gangu Gouda
Village by the lake by Gangu Gouda

5. Rustic Life-5 by Mopasang Valath

One is left free to interpret this modern abstract landscape painting by Mopasang Valath. Isn’t it an absolute visual delight?

abstract landscape
Rustic Life-5 by Mopasang Valath

6. Creative Landscape by Ravi S. Waybhat

Ravi S. Waybhat expresses himself by using swift brush strokes against a static backdrop. This unusual landscape composition in shades of gray and white with just a hint of colour is a fine example of his artistic brilliance.

Creative Landscape by Ravi S. Waybhat

7. Naturescape 1 by Anita Tiwary

Anita Tiwary uses unusual tools to show her relation with the natural surroundings. Her rendition of innovative textures and patterns in exceptional shades of lavender, blue redefine abstract landscapes.

Naturescape-1 by Anita Tiwary

8. Untitled – I by Chandana Kankaria

Chandana Kankaria uses water colours to create her delicate compositions in soft mono tone colours to create an atypical expression of landscapes.

Untitled – I by Chandana Kankaria

9. Morning by Kaukab Ahmad

Delhi based Kaukab Ahmad’s artworks will definitely leave you with a breath of freshness. A natural florist by heart, he paints exuberant landscapes in his unique technique where he uses the tip of a brush to present detailed brush strokes. This floral acrylic on canvas is an ideal artwork to start your day with positive energy.

IMG 20170226 095152a 200dpi
Morning by Kaukab Ahmad

10. Landscape of Himavan by Prithvi Kumar

A wondrous abstract oil painting inspired by the majesty of mountains. Prithvi Kumar’s creative energy comes out brilliantly through his expressive tactile textures and vivid hues of colour.

IMG 2240
Landscape of Himavan by Prithvi Kumar