Pop Art: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace This Art Style

By Vimala Soundarapandiyan

One of the easiest way to add colour to our rooms and surroundings is to embrace pop art. It’s stylish, colourful and adds the right vibe to your homes. So how did this form of art begin? Amid revolutions in Britain and America, the young and teenagers were in a continuous search for an expression of their rebellion. They were waiting for a culture that would overturn the existing asphyxiated conformity society. It marked the genesis of “pop art”.

The idea was to incorporate the images of people in advertising and pop cultureThis is a modern form of art that challenged the traditional artistic styles and gave people a new perspective. Here are five reasons as to why this style of art that maximises the aesthetics of your space. Here are 5 reasons why you need this form of art.

Pop Art is Colourful

Breakfast At Tiffany’S by Studio Zaki

It uses colourful imageries of mundane and ordinary everyday things. The subjects are impersonal and relatable. Its themes are majorly from comic books, advertisements and everyday happenings. Home decor is all about having the perfect mix of colour to go with the furniture. So why not we mix the two?

Pop Art is Creative

Beyond The Boundary by Susmita Mishra

Accessorise your room with these creative prints or artworks of your choice. Pop art galvanised the energy of young people and it gave the artists a medium to rebel against the esotericism of fine arts. The artists through this medium of popular culture broke the arcane idea of fine arts.

Its Abstract Expressionism

Kaleidoscope by Samta

This youthful visual language of art celebrates the aesthetics of banal and captures the power of the ordinary on canvas. It mirrors the concepts from mass- production and popular culture. The themes are expendable, which most people wouldn’t accept as art but cannot miss without appreciating it. Pop art is straightforward and speaks of the reality of everyday life, from a shuttlecock to a clothespin becomes a theme to ponder. The prosaic and identifiable imagery makes the art connect to its onlooker.

Girls Party 1
Girls Party by Shrea Ghosh

It is Relatable

Pop art is relatable, recognizable in our daily life. It uses bright colours and bold outlines to capture the eyes of the viewers. The flat imageries used to convey irony and satire are witty and gimmicky. Glamour has become a trait of pop art exclusively. Indian pop art expresses the current cultural trend with Indian beauty in it. It explores the Indian landscape through its witty imageries and themes for us to connect culturally. These artworks on different mediums are an eloquent blend of pop art and Indian culture, in which the aesthetics of both the art form and culture is preserved.

img 42
CoverGirl-5 by Sanjay Verma

Get connected with these pop arts which are an expression of our inner hearts and celebrate the mundane life through these exclusive artworks.This art movement has inspired people all over the world especially the designers and so adding these to your home decor will add the necessary fun and colour element to you homes.