Banaras Tales

By Vimala Soundarapandiyan

Every artwork has a story to tell; similarly, every city has its own unique story for its sojourners, a blend of these two is artistically captured in the series of artworks on Banaras (Varanasi) by different artists. Banaras is a city that enthrals everyone with its captivating milieu and vibrant culture. The syncretism of the city induces sensuous and transcendental imagery in the hearts of the traveller.

The Beauty Of Benaras-1 by Shubhashis Mandal

Experience the resplendence of the city through these serene thematic endeavours. These artworks exude vibrancy, chromatic richness and nostalgia. It stands as a statement of the cultural and geographic elegance of the country. Find peace in the bustling city through these artworks.

Banaras Ghat – 4 by Reba Mandal

The achromatic artwork with a speck of red reminds us of neutrality, balance and chaos. Its serenity and tranquillity are well absorbed by the beholder. It soaks the soul with the harmony of the city.

Holy Banaras by Somnath Bothe

The Holy Banaras series takes us on an enigmatic voyage of peacefulness. The atmospheric aura is picturesque and soothing. Anecdotes pour out from every stroke of the artwork. The penumbral effect of the painting is relaxing and therapeutic. It transports one from this chaotic and tumultuous reality to a meditative microcosm.

Varanasi Ghats At Night by Samiran Sarkar

Encounter the luminous haze of the city in Varanasi at Night series. Listen to the music of the night through the vibrant yellows and get lost in the scenic beauty of Ganga in shades of blue.

Darbhanga Ghat by Mamta Malhotra

The profusely detailed artwork titled “Dharbnga Ghat” gives us an insightful experience of the city and its structure. The flamboyant colours take us across time and space to experience the magnificent city.

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