The Yellow Journey And Why We Yellove It!

By Team Mojarto


India Transits_01 by Iruvan Karunakaran

To date, it remains one of the outstanding factors how a single colour manages to bring out a variety of emotions and thousands of spectacular tales. Red represents anger and sometimes romance; Blue is sad and deep and Yellow as we know creates warmth and joy. During our education yellow was simply a primary colour that couldn’t be produced with the mixture of two other colours but in the art arena, yellow stands to be a statement of its own.
For decades, it is a representation of happiness, sunshine, joy and the whirlpool of jolly
emotions. A painting of a sunflower field can cheer up a sad person; sunrise can spread a
blanket of peace and calmness; a yellow background gives for a loud shout of glee.

Sunflower Field by Meenakshi

Yet, lately, the popping colour is inspiring artists from all over the world to break through the image of happiness, and mould it into spiralling scenarios. The extraordinary palette of lemon and canaries, whispers outrage and whips drama even under a melancholic umbrella.

Untitled by Nitin Kushwaha

And just when the yellow tornado seems to be stirring the pot of conservative definitions, it
sweeps across the traditional landscapes taking an art lover through a spectacular journey. The busy marketplaces, rainy days, paintings of peace and Zen are all bustling with specs of yellow.

Yellow today represents so much more. While yellow was used often in paintings, it was hushed and hidden in the canvas’s tirade but as the artist’s stroke metamorphosed constantly, yellow broke through barriers and is continuing to do the same which makes it all the while exciting as to what yellow is going to be tomorrow.
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