Photographs Can Add A Statement Accent To The Rooms

  • Team Mojarto

Photography is the best alternative to artworks to decorate your walls. It is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Sweeping landscapes, majestic nature, wonders of modern architecture and abstract photographic art are some of the most sought after themes. It offers a myriad of subjects and colour palettes to compliment every wall. By incorporating photography into your decor, you’re giving your home a whole new aesthetic that will add brilliance and beauty to your space. It will resonate with personal philosophy and a statement style. 

Mojarto has a large collection of exquisite photos and styles awaiting to decorate your walls. It has a compelling visual archive of remarkable and memorable sights and scenes. The collection has the best choices for your working space to inspire creativity, for your waiting halls to make your guests feel warm and for your living spaces to make it cosier. We strongly recommend you choose what you like to see every day. Choose something that would make you look at it again and again with a twinkle in your eye. 

This photograph is the best choice to suit a colourful interior. It easily blends into the environment of your space and turns it into a classy one. Choosing this photograph for your home will be the best decision you would make because, irrespective of the colour palette of your home, you will always find the monochromatic photograph mix very well with the colour. It makes the best decorating element for your space. It adds an alluring and minimalist feel to the design.

The blending effect of this photograph will be the accent decor of any space. The electrifying colours and the eccentric event makes the best conversation starter. People would get enthralled by the beauty of the design when they walk into your home. It brings colour to a neutral living space and ushers a hint of shimmer into your rooms.

This work is a bit dark and heavy. It is specifically about identity. It is about awareness and acknowledgement of a warrior headhunting tribe from North East India that contributed to one of the fiercest pre-independence battles in 1875. The photograph is an image that reminds about roots, rootedness and connections. 

Here is an exclusive photograph that would be a creative accent in the room. The colourfully stark image offsets the textured walls in the space. Such landscapes and cityscape images enhance the natural aesthetic of the space which in turn helps create a calming setting. It gives a spark of eclectic emotion complementing the effect of the cosy interior.