Can’t Seem To Find Motivation? Here Are Some Simple Flora And Fauna Examples To Inspire You

By Team Mojarto

Bliss by Shiva Baraya

At times, when we pick up a paint brush to paint, we couldn’t. There may be no reason or explanation behind it but we can feel our mind going blank. Even so, at this state, when we try to put an effort and try to paint something, we aren’t satisfied with the results. What writer’s so famously call a block, happens t o artists too all the time. So, how do we overcome it?

Rose Garden by Konika Banerjee

Often at times, when artists are undergoing a block, it is best to pause and rewind. Pausing everything helps clear the clutter in the head and then when you rewind, you will be able to gain inspiration from your roots.

Roots in literal sense could mean moments of happiness, nostalgia, memories etc. But digging a little bit deeper, we can find ourselves wandering across the habitat of the place we were born in. Yes, I am talking about Flora and Fauna. 


Flora and Fauna, despite being interconnected with human beings, offer unlimited dependency. We depend on them for food, climate, and clothes and of course, the best artists’ works are inspired by flora and fauna. Taking a walk, gazing at them, basking in their shadows, admiring them from afar isn’t just refreshing but opens the mind to a million possibilities. 

Give Peace A Chance by Surbhi Soni

And when you pick up the brush again, don’t feel shy to try out the basics. Like a small sketch of a rose water painted, a step by step drawing of a lion, a tall tree with its shadow on the ground and a lot more. Once you try this out, wait and watch the magic happen in you as your head clears, inspiration hits and soon you will be finding yourself painting the most beautiful gardens and the deepest jungles with a herd of animals gathered at your will.    

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