Opening Doors To A Million Stories

By Team Mojarto

Door by K R Santhanakrishnan

A rectangular piece of wood is chopped and sanded until refined, coloured for a pretty face, placed vertically and hammered with bolts and screws until it serves its purpose. For a carpenter, a door’s simply an opener in closed spaces, but for an artist, a door opens the mind to free-flowing creativity and infinite odysseys. 

‘What’s so special about a door?’ you may ask. 

Well, imagine this… 

The morning is busy and you open your door. You don’t give much thought to the plain, brown or sometimes grained door with curves engraved to make a handsome border. Because most of the houses next to yours have doors which one way or another resembles your door. 

Yet as you walk under the morning sun complaining of the heat and humidity, you make a conscious effort to get under the shadows. Jumping from one shadow to another, you stop to wipe the sweat off your brows when something falls in your line of sight. You take a deep breath and look at it. 

En-Trance 7 by Alaka Rao

Held together by an arch-shaped wall, is a set of doors. Old and frail, the doors look like a page out of our history books with dry surfaces and cracked panels reciting the entrances in the British era. In the corners lay a few holes inviting tiny beacons of light inside the dark, cool room. 

The scratches which coat the doors, whisper the tales of the lineage of men, who’ve made unconscious touches on the surfaces with a melange of emotions just like you did this every morning when you opened your door. The aqua blue colour strikes the bright orange hue across the walls boldly, flaunting you the sight of an oasis in a desert.

And that moment, the once ordinary, painted door is no longer just that but a Door of Envy.

The door of Envy is available at the Mojarto website along with a variety of other door-y artworks. You can visit the Mojarto site through this link –