How To Use Buddha Paintings To Attract Luck And Prosperity

Team Mojarto 

For many centuries, Lord Buddha paintings have brought in bliss, prosperity, and wealth.  Both Hindus and Buddhists believe in this. Feng Shui and Vastu say that paintings of Lord Buddha have the power to increase the flow of Chi and this, in turn, brings prosperity and good fortune.  Chi is the energy of life itself. One does not necessarily have to be a Buddhist to own a Buddhist painting. However, it’s good to follow these rules to ensure that you enjoy the flow of luck and prosperity.

Meditating Buddha

Buddha By Amritraj Koban

There are many different kinds of Buddha paintings but many like the meditation pose shown in this beautiful work. It also features a series of smaller vignettes chronicling important incidents in his life. A beautiful meditating Buddha painting attracts energy into your career when placed in the north. When placed in the northwest, it brings you helpful people and blessings.

Originality matters

Emerging Buddha Series 4 By Nitu Chhajer

When you purchase a painting, it’s best to buy an original of good quality. This work here is an original acrylic on canvas by Nitu Chhajer.  The work also has a profound meaning, the artist says, “Experiences that we go through in our lives are gifts which enable us to have insight into our inner world, to re-arrange the priorities, and they bring priceless revelations. This experience emerged in Gautama Buddha after understanding the importance of meditation.”

How to place a Buddha painting

Buddha By Sukanta Das

The placement of a Buddha painting matters a lot.  Do not place it at a ground level of the structure, for instance a basement. When you keep it at a high level, this reflects respect to the Lord Buddha, and generates positive vibes. The work featured here juxtaposes the mundane with the exotic. It has a surreal quality too.  The wide range of Buddha paintings available lets you choose what works best for you.