How Painting Architecture Can Help Relieve Stress

By Team Mojarto

Architecture is a stressful career. If you don’t believe it, ask any architect or rather, approach a student with the question. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that it is also one of the most beautiful and passionate career paths. You can stay awake an entire night drafting plans and landscapes and feel wholesome and satisfied.

Blue City 536 by Suresh Gulage

Architecture as complex field as it is, it also contains uniformity. The lines we stretch, the circles we swirl, the sketched that need shading; everything add up to keeping us grounded and occupied. It feels like a routine. And if there’s one thing which can help keep our minds calm after a stressful scenario is a routine.

Hyd_fort by Somnath Patra

Though on the surface, this may look stressful, it’s an entirely different experience to be painting it as we’re not going to be drafting plans to build empires. Rather, we’re going to draw outlines and fill them with a kaleidoscope of colours.

CITYSCAPE by Satish bhagade

Open your windows and if needed, tune in a serene tune in your music system and start drawing the buildings visible outside. If you aren’t covered with buildings for a live sketch, take a ruler or using freehand, start stretching lines across your sheet. Keep drawing lines in different directions until you have a structure which resembles a building, a house or even a castle.

Macca Masjid Series by Krishnendu Halder

Once you’re done, start adding colours to it. The trickiest part is staying inside lines but you can do it. If you paint it outside the line, don’t fret. Keep calm and keep painting it until it is finished. As the process goes, you will find yourself engulfed in the little project and extremely composed. And once you get used to this stress relieving technique, you will start finding it enjoyable too.

Take you stationary kit and start painting today.

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