How Do Paintings Play An Interesting Role In Interior Design And How To Incorporate It?

By Team Mojarto

Interior Design, despite being vast, is a very delicate field. It does not just ornament your space by helping you make it cosy, intimate or even crisp to look professional, but also helps a visitor learn the story which the owner wishes to narrate. One of the most important and effective storytelling approaches is always done through a painting. It is art that gives a finishing touch to your living room. Its colors, its texture, definition, and personality adds character to a room and makes it a complete picture. Interior designing would look incomplete and lifeless without any artworks.

Flow Of Dreams 5 By Gurdish Pannu Interior design
Flow Of Dreams 5 By Gurdish Pannu

Art and Interior Design have a centuries-old bond. Yet, little do we acknowledge how important art is in interior design. It is like the glittering chandelier hung in the middle of a grandeur ball. No matter where you stand or whom you are engaged in a conversation with, the impression cast on you remains enchanting as your eyes feast for more, which is why it is necessary that while designing any kind of space, one gives the utmost attention while choosing a painting.
Having established the importance of art, you must understand where your time’s investment is needed so the final product bears the fruit you expected.  
1. Personality

Imagine that you are designing a room for an entrepreneur. You immediately think of sleek and matte hues of pastel and dark shades which would match the entrepreneur’s and their business’s personality. However, introducing a painting of bright hues or a radiant sunrise will just not do. The painting needs to be in correlation with the room and above all, reflect the entrepreneur’s personality, so the person visiting or having a look at it the first time can read the space and feel at ease.

2. Enhancing Character

My Village Home By Zargar Zahoor interior design
My Village Home By Zargar Zahoor

Character is a salient feature in interior design. A space, be it big or small, is home to not just the owner but also the walls, floors, furniture, accessories and a lot more. While each of them is creatively handpicked, it is no news that the pieces rarely emit the characters they are supposed to. It is the responsibility of the painting, whether it be hanging on a wall or residing on a shelf, to help enhance each of the features in the space and make it noticeable.   

3. Lead the Sight

Art, at the first glance, seems to be a simple canvas that is painted on with an eye-catching palette. But a closer look confirms that a painting has a bigger role than it appears to be. It may be hanging on a wall alone but it is the centrepiece that guides the viewers through the space taking them on a satisfying and pleasing tour.

It wouldn’t be possible if the painting is severely misplaced. But the correct piece in the correct settings work wonders.

4. Mystery and Depth

Untitled By Tarini Ahuja
Untitled By Tarini Ahuja

Materials, textures and shapes bring drama and mystery to a space. But when art makes its entry into the space, it becomes a well-rehearsed opera. Similar to the different materials used in space, several paintings which play with light, shadow, lines, shapes and of course, neutrals add a much-needed mystery and speak of the room’s as well as the space holder’s depth.

5. Conversation Engager

My Dream Garden 23 By Vijay Kiyawat
My Dream Garden 23 By Vijay Kiyawat

Lastly, art plays the ultimate role of a conversation beginner and good placement or arrangement of the art makes sure that the people who are a part of the conversation remain engaged.

Art in interior design and architecture sheds a variety of layers and works on so many levels. Hence, a good amount of research and creativity must be infused during the interior designing process.