Keep It Neat And Simple! Here Are 3 Artworks To Decorate Your Rooms The Minimalist Way

  • Team Mojarto

Are you a person who loves to keep your things simple and neat? We heard the yes and this suggestion is exclusively for you, “minimalism”. Minimalism is a concept that is majorly about keeping things neat and simple. Incorporating minimalism in your living space creates a more relaxing and impactful space. It is more about creating an uncluttered space, where there would be more space for comfort and energy. A minimalistic interior accentuates the beauty and cosiness of a space. The idea of “less is more” in your interior design can create a whole new, simple and calming outlook on life.

The minimalistic decoration is the perfect choice for your bedroom, living space, kitchen, drawing room and every other room at home. Home is the place you go to revive, relax, and get ready for a new day, minimalism can be impactful in assimilating all these three. It creates calming and thoughtful spaces where the pursuit of pure simplicity is a timeless endeavour. Minimalistic interiors create less chaos and a stress-free environment that helps you to nurture and thrive better. It also creates a comforting space, helps clear your mind and allows you to focus more on needful things.

Mojarto has the perfect collection of artworks to create your serene and minimalistic living space. These artworks are simple, clean and classy that would substantiate the minimalist mood of the space. Here are a few artworks that are best for your minimalistic interiors. Explore through the large collection of artworks on Mojarto to choose the one that best suits your personality.

Untitled by Shobha Broota

Simple spaces give a more calming environment. It is best to decorate your walls with artworks that are less ornate, simple patterned, meticulous colour palettes and less cluttered. This would keep the space fuss-free, uncluttered and soothing. The design elements in this artwork will make your room streamlined and less sophisticated. Backed by a white or neutral coloured wall the artwork becomes an accent of the room. This artwork by artist Shobha Broota speaks tons in your interior but is filled with elegance. The line pattern, combination of colours creates a magical beauty against neutral coloured walls.  

Neat and simple
Seascape No.6 by M Shafiq

An ideal minimalist room should be sparsely decorated where heavy ornate decor items are a big NO. It is advisable to hang one minimalistic artwork in a room, but be sure to keep it as a signature piece of the room. It is also wise to choose an artwork that blends in well with the furniture along with the colour of the wall. At this stage, it is important to understand that minimalism doesn’t mean a monochromatic palette alone. You can go beyond the classic, neutral black and white and grey palette. The key is to keep the palette simple and void of bright, pastel and other complex colour combinations. Neutrals work best for the minimalist look, along with moody dark, white, or mid-tone shades. This photograph by M Shafiq translates the subdued effect of the artwork to the room. The emboldened geometric pattern and the shades of blue set a calm setting.

Untitled by Sandesh Khule

Minimalism is all about harmony. The key is to control the elements. Choose patterns and artwork with a limited palette and restrained lines. Avoid large floral prints, small busy prints, extravagant, and complicated designs that call too much attention to themselves. The minimalist bedroom relies mostly on solid blocks of neutral colours to achieve a tranquil feeling. For artwork, hang one large and well-chosen piece, which evokes a sense of tranquillity when you see it on the wall. This artwork by Sandesh Khule will perfectly balance the colour of the wall, the structure of the furniture and the symmetry of the room. It will make the room look orderly and uncluttered. The untitled artwork would make the best and most welcoming minimalist bedroom statement.