This Season, Let The Vintage Style Rule Your Interior Decor

  • Team Mojarto

The more people move ahead in time, the more we crave the old classics and vintage styles. While those styles may often be considered loud and tacky, it is no doubt that they don a sleek look boasting of timelessness; and if decorated and styled correctly, they would make for a dashing decor look.

The Floral Dream

Global Warming By Kausik Karmakar

Floral paintings sing the vintage theme in a smooth, serene tone. The bright, colourful petals in an off background are the perfect piece to attain the old 60s era decor. The best place to hang them would be on a bright, white wall in the kitchen or dining room.  

Grouping Landscapes

UNTITLED by Zargar Zahoor

Landscape paintings were a lot popular during the good old days. To polish the vintage theme in your home, group or bunch together a few medium-sized landscape paintings together or perhaps even paintings of the sea. Hang the bunch on a dark coloured wall preferably in the living room or study room.  

The Black and White Saga

Horse Dancing in a Tribal Fair by Asis Kumar Sanyal

Nothing says a classic than a black and white photograph hanging on a wall. It is a give-away of the olden period and resides extremely well with all kinds of decor. The best place to hang that would be in a drawing-room under a creative placement.

Ageless Sculpture

Chassing Happiness by Nimesh Pilla

Gold coloured statues and statues especially with wings carved in them will take you back to the olden times immediately and additionally, will radiate a decor similar to the James Bond movies of the 80s and 90s. Place them on top of your visible cupboards, on tabletops or a showcase. 


Journey 1 by Shitangshu Mondal

If you are looking for an informal vintage vibe in your bedroom, then bright, multi-coloured paintings of older versions of objects are the best choice. You can stick them on the wall instead of framing them and pair them with similar paintings. Another option would be portraits. While colourful portraits are quite popular, let’s not forget that portraits painted in a single ink were the trend of the vintage.