Experience The Taste Of God’s Own Country Through These Exemplary Artworks On Kerala

By Team Mojarto

Kerala is often referred to as god’s own country. True to its name, Kerala is a beautiful land of paradise. The name itself brings the visual images of lush green landscape, folk art, traditional murals, delinquent cuisines, rows of coconut trees, kayals and boats. Here are a few artworks that embody the various aspects and richness associated with the southernmost state of the country, showing us a variety of ways in which we can experience the taste of Kerala!

Kathakali Beauty by Pooja Wadekar

Kerala is a place of rich colours, which is very evident in its folk art. Folk art continues to flourish in Kerala with the traditional charm and elegance. It is a paradise for people who love dance, drama and music. Folk arts like kathakali, koodiyattam, theyyam etc. are indigenous to Kerala. Kathakali is one of the most popular art forms where the performer uses his/her entire body to convey the story. The elaborate costumes, ornaments and painted faces enchant the viewers.

House Boat At Rest by Roney Devassia

The coastal region is known for its backwaters and boats. Boathouses and water sports like vallam kali are quite popular in the state. This artwork by Roney Devassia brings out the beauty of backwaters and boathouse, which draws the viewers to enjoy a moment in it.

REFLECTIONS by Raji Pavithran

Greenery is sometimes synonymous with the place. The scenic paradise is blessed with immense flora and fauna, where the Western Ghats adds a magic spell. The diverse landscape of Kerala unfolds in varying shades of green. This artwork reflects the greenery and the scenic beauty of Kerala. It also portrays the region’s simple living with the nature theme.

Face Of Guruvayurappa – Kerala Mural Style by Subbaraman Nurani

Kerala is also popular for its traditional mural paintings. These paintings are evidence of skill and creative excellence. This traditional art form flourished in the 15th and 19th centuries and survives with its real charm till today. Many artists have incorporated contemporary themes in mural paintings, but Hindu mythology dominates other themes. The mural paintings were painted on walls and ceilings, which remain permanent on the surface. But today, artists have shifted to canvas and paper.