Wearing A Mask Is The Trend Today! Get Into The Trend And Be Safe!

By Team Mojarto

The world today is not the same as we saw two years ago. There is less movement, less display of love and more physical distancing. The pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons but in a hard way. When we hazily dream that the pandemic is over, we are struck by another wave. Pandemic has created many new normals- masks, social distancing, work from home and much more.

Masks have a special place in literature and visual arts. The word has been a metaphor for your feelings and expressions. But today, it is the actual mask we are talking about without drawing metaphors. It has become our saviour in our fight against the virus. Creativity is flowing around the concepts of masks- both with and in it.

Artists around the world have humorously morphed masterpiece artworks into masked portraits. Mona Lisa with a mask has become a sensation today.

Street Food Vendor by Ajay Anand

This artwork is an artistic reminder to wear a mask. It portrays that mask is a gesture of safety and assurance. The painting shows a street vendor wearing a mask and waiting for his customers to come. The figurative artwork shows both the anxiety and eagerness to sell his eateries.

Monalisa During Lockdown by Shivansh Modi

Embracing the new normal, many artists, like Shivansh Modi, are including masks in their artworks. This shows the role of art in the time of a crisis and the utmost importance of wearing a mask. Shivansh Modi recreates the modern Mona Lisa, wearing a mask and adapting to the new normal.

Stay Safe by Susmita Mishra

This digital print, titled ‘Stay Safe’ by Susmita Mishra, reiterates the fact that even when times become more difficult, the role of women never changes. Sushmita Mishra portrays women during the pandemic through her choice of bright colours. She is our caretaker, empowered superhero and the ultimate provider. 

Wearing a mask
Covid -19 by GANESH CHARY

Artist Ganesh Chary thoughtfully captures the trend of namaste moving around the world during the pandemic. The times have changed where people are restraining themselves from shaking hands and resorting to namaste as an alternative. This serene artwork brings out the need of the hour at one place- masks, sanitisation and emotional stability.