Celebrating The Beauty Of Fatherhood Through Art

By Team Mojarto

With Father’s day around the corner, Mojarto is out with a collection of some warm and emotional portrayals of fatherhood. He is our first hero and our first love. He is our icon, role model, protector, provider, playmate, and secret keeper. He is a pack of amusements where he stands strong against the hardships of life but sheds secret tears when we fall from our cycle. When we walk down the lanes of our childhood memories, we find our father in every episode of our life. The first cycle we rode was with the assistance of this man, he was our first cricket companion and the person who made us feel tall by carrying us on his shoulders. These artworks portray the beauty of the father-child bond and the celebration of this relationship.

Thairaav 03 by Maitreya Mer

Artist Maitreya Mer brings out the predominant character of a father in this artwork —protector. We always feel safe and stronger when we are around our father. We believe that he’s our superman who fights all evils. His hands fill us with the warmth and security that is needed to face the world. He sacrifices his dreams and strives to make our dreams come true. He stands by our side in all storms of our lives but never looks for praise and recognition for his work. Just a smile on the face of his child keeps him going. He becomes the sturdy hand to hold in times of our stress and strife. He is our true friend we can turn to when times are tough.

Untitled by Suvarna Sohoni

The love and care of a father are always less spoken. He is the only person who cares about us till the end and even after that. He plans our future by sacrificing his present. Artist Suvarna brings out the joy of a father when his child is born. The happiness and joy that he experiences are unconditional and incomparable.

Father And Son by Murad

Every child learns its biggest life lessons from their father. He corrects himself in every possible way to make our life right. Sometimes he tends to get hard with his commands which is always for the good and betterment of his child. Artist Murad portrays the beauty of a father-son duo. The painting shows the father to be the child’s best travel partner.

My Little Sunshine by Amrit Khurana

Artist Amrit Khurana’s artwork titled ‘My little sunshine’ shows how we always remain as the little sunshine of our father irrespective of our age.

Warm Sun Warmer Love by Vikrant Shitole

This heartwarming painting portrays the rapport between a father and child. The father is the first friend of every child. Our first play was with our father. The peaceful walks in the park, chasing the birds, and the first football kick was with our father. Artist Vikrant Shitole portrays the joy of a child travelling the world on the shoulders of a father. Every one of us has experienced being the tallest person in the room by sitting on our father’s shoulders. This experience comes with both the fear of falling which is overpowered by the trust in our father, whom we know would never let us down.