5 New Artists To Look Out For On Mojarto This Week

By Team Mojarto

Here are 5 new artists who are making people fall in love with their artworks. Their artworks stand out for their unique vision, idea, and technique. 

Shilpa Shanker Narain

Durga – Durga by Shilpa Shanker Narain

Delhi-born artist Shilpa Shanker Narain has a story to narrate in her artworks. She is hugely inspired by Indian mythology and folklore, which becomes the central theme of her paintings. The majority of her works are based on goddesses. She captures the unique culture of the places around her. Goddess Durga is a prominent image seen in her artworks. Her artworks are inspired by the Durga puja and the idol decorations done during this festival. Durga puja is a symbol of the intangible cultural heritage of the country. Goddess Durga and her incarnation are differentiated through different decorations, colours, and ornaments, where black represents Kali, yellow represents Paravati and orange represents Durga. 


Rainy Day by Gayathry

Artist Gayathry is passionate about watercolours. This medium gives her artworks a pleasant feel which is much required to bring the calmness and subtlety of the setting. Her works capture the rural lifestyle in a unique style. Her choice of colours adds life to the village, market, and paddy field. Her artworks bring back nostalgic memories of her village life. It soaks the viewer in the serenity and rusticity of rural life.  Her style heavily relies on her choice of colour, the tonal difference between light and shade, and her imagination. 

Ram Kumar Maheshwari

MY DEARM IN COMPLEXITY by Ram Kumar Maheshwari

His eclectic themes and their representation on canvas make the viewers fall in love with his artworks. The warm prism of colours and easy palette of warm hues reminds us of the simple scenes of mundane place and the beauty unnoticed beauty that it beholds. 

Arabinda Mukherjee

Flower Girl by Arabinda Mukherjee

Arabinda Mukherjee’s paintings are gracefully visceral. The soft and simple palette of the artworks reverberates and creates the magic of serenity in the viewer. The artist’s choice of colour weaves a story that we simply have to untangle. The artwork carries the soul of the characters portrayed. The images are in continuos work and the artist is known for his detailing done to enhance the beauty of the images. 

Arun Kumar Samadder

Melody Of Jamuna by Arun Kumar Samadder

One gets to appreciate the beauty of mythology, divinity, and an artist’s imagination in Artist Arun’s artworks. His themes represent the mythology and culture of the country. Arun is fond of this theme for its versatility, vastness, and ability to adapt to modern times. He represents scenes from Mahabharata with a touch of contemporary ideas. His choice of colours makes his work seem meditative and captivating. He blends and brings out the complicated coexistence of spirituality and commonality through his images and motifs. The originality of his works lies in the serenity and calmness that soothes the inner soul. He attempts to arouse the spiritual and religious side of man to keep them grounded and have faith in the universal energy.