Careful Breaking And Re-Assembling Of Elements: Cubism Is Beauty In Fragments

By Team Mojarto 

Art is an expression, it inspires its audience and evokes emotions. If that is the case, then every artwork evokes some emotion for that matter. But this genre of art holds the viewer perplexed and a sudden rush of emotions from the inner fragments. This 20th century art is a blend of dissociated and recombined elements. It allows the viewer not just to find the real meaning of beauty unlike being subjective. En face, the artists of this form embraces the broken pieces to express their ideas and thoughts. Aren’t these pieces of words puzzling you? 

Trust by Ella Prakash

Yes, the beauty in broken pieces is ‘Cubism’. It is a move from the conditioned world of subject beauty. Cubist artists simplify objects into geometrical shapes. These are fractured, fragmented and discontinuous facets of the modern world. Cubism seeks a new meaning in a creative re-figuring of the real. It is an illusion of artificial wholeness, with new meanings. The process of breaking up the object and re-assembling it in an abstracted form involves a cerebral challenge, such that the final creation is an interesting blend of the actual subject within a geometric framework.

The Journey by Nageswara Rao

Cubism art is limned on a canvas is an expression of the truth and protest of limitations of realistic painting. It simplifies the reality rather than making it complex with details and intricacies. There is a sense of dynamism and multiplicity of view points. Cubism painting changes the very perception of the world- being unique in its own way and not being mimetic. It is a mixture of overlapping reality and perceptions.

Four Galloping horses by Nirakar Chowdhury

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