Blue Paintings To Brighten Up Your Day

By Team Mojarto

Blue Lake by Gangu Gouda

An attempt to define ‘colour’ might leave us amazed by its relativity with light and spectrum. It is a result of the reflection and emission of light and how our visual sense perceives it. Further putting it in scientific terms makes it more understandable where colour is a certain range of wavelengths visible to the human eye. AS Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe puts it “colours are light’s suffering and joy”. It has been widely proved and professed that colour can impact and set the mood of the place. Similarly. Colour psychology observes hues as a determinant of human behaviour. Each colour can cause certain emotions.

Rocks by Gajanan Kashalkar

Different colours are cherished and celebrated by different cultures. Every aspect of mankind, culture, tradition, religion, discrimination, the revolution has a colour association. Throughout literature, colours have been used to celebrate life and emotions. Bronte, Frost, Coleridge and many have glorified colours in their works. The colours red, yellow, blue and green have always had a special place in art and literature.

Dream Seller 1 by Uttam Bhattacharya

Paintings in colours of mist and mellow make one feel cosy and Robert Frost describes it as “nature’s first green is gold”, the colour green spreads vibrance and hope in the surrounding. The splash of azure on the sky is the symbol of calm and peace.

Banaras Ghat – 10 by Reba Mandal

The colour blue and its anthologies are always calming and peaceful to the mind. The bright blue colour of the sky gives a sense of clarity to the mind. It is meditative and enhances the setting’s serenity. Many great artists have cherished and celebrated the colour blue. Even the great artist genius Pablo Picasso is known for his “ blue period”, where he used shades of blue extensively to create a subdued and melancholic atmosphere. The colour transfers the surroundings to be soft, soothing and fills the air with compassion and tranquillity.

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