Artworks Of 5 Trending Artists To Look Out For On Mojarto This Week

By Team Mojarto

DEVI by Subrata Ghosh

Artist Subrata Ghosh’s artworks are visceral and timeless. His subjects are mainly mythical, religious and secular, expressing various shades of life. This three-dimensional painting induces a feeling of sobriety through the duality of light and shade. This artwork, titled Devi, is a face of a divine lady. The viewer perceives an echo of idyllic elements which reverberates from the painting. The artwork is graciously decorated with ornate details and rhythmic strokes. Tranquil faces and figure is the forte of the artist. His artworks gracefully portray tranquillity and divine contemplation. The soft palette creates a magical aura of peace in the image.

Multi Skilled by Nirakar Chowdhury

This artwork shows Nirakar Chowdhury’s close affinity towards nature. He tries to capture his admiration for nature and its beauty. He inculcates images and motifs of mythology induced with his creativity. This work depicts a gathering of birds in action. His careful breaking and reassembling of parts express his love for Picasso and cubism.

NOSTALGIA by Pradeep Unni

This artwork creates a surreal wave of reminiscence. It weighs down one with nostalgia and memories of childhood. The deep palette creates deeper thoughts and reverberates magical waves of memories.

Benaras Ghat-4 by Shubhashis Mandal

The reflective colours bring a sense of romantic and hazy sunset. This artwork is a perfect combination of the cityscape and misty air that many of us are longing for today. Shubhasis Mandal brings out the beauty of Banaras Ghats through this watercolour painting. The soft brown and orange colour brings out the twilight effect of dusk. The street bustles with activities, which is well-detailed and beautiful. 

Colours Of Life by Asif sharief shaikh

This artwork reminds the viewer that life is colourful, exhilarating and pleasant. The artist’s choice of hues leaves a deep impression on the mind. The vivid hues bring out the inner thought and harmony of life. The bright yellow hues depict the brighter side of life, where things are clear. It brings out the rhythmic perception of life. The other colours used by the artist are portrayals of other emotions of life. In this reflective artwork, the artist infuses many colours to create the quality of life on canvas.