Living Through The Malicious Nightmares Of The Lockdown

By Team Mojarto

Lockdown 2020 Kolkata by Sriparna Ghose

One fine day (not so fine), the world woke up to a malicious nightmare of our lifetimes. Lockdown like never before hit us very hard. This lockdown affected almost every one of us indiscriminately. It has pushed us into a crisis of many kinds. It has forced us to stay confined to our homes and miss every part of being out —the joy of recreations, get-togethers, markets, and sheer travelling. The whole world is struggling with the pandemic. But each one of us has experienced different challenges —some severe and some extremely harrowing. It is pretty hard to compare the challenges each one of us faced during these hard times. 

The pandemic and lockdown have introduced us to many new ideas and perspectives. It has changed many aspects of our lives. The noisy and traffic flooded roads are now hushed with new silence. State-sanctioned movements, social distancing, and double masking have become the new normal. 

Artists have resorted to art as a way of expressing themselves and the horrendous events occurring around them. These artworks were the way to stay socially connected while maintaining physical distancing. Mojarto has a wide range of paintings and illustrations on this pandemic and the lockdown. Here are a few artworks by various artists that you can’t miss.

Migrant Workers by Baishakhi Mehatori

Artist Mehatori captures the exodus that happened during this pandemic. It was the large migration of migrant workers, walking over thousands of kilometres on feet just with the determination of reaching home and their loved ones. This event is captured astutely on the canvas using the right choice of colour, where blue is indicative of the blues of their lives.

Lockdown by Shishir Pandey

Some artists created illustrations on the mental health of others. Artist Shishir Pandey brings out a glimpse of mental health during the lockdown. The use of darker shades reminds us of the loss of colour in lives due to the prevailing uncertainty. This artwork also spreads a strong message that you are not alone. It also urges us to help ourselves and others find the colours of life again.

Golden Memories by Lakhan Singh Jat

Artist Lakhan Singh brings out a few light-hearted moments in this situation. He portrays the golden time spent with our family. He depicts the happiness and hopes that the family provides in these hard times.  

Fun For Some by Vallery Puri

Another section of people was reiterating the fact that nature was taking back its own space. During this pandemic, we witnessed the retreating of animals and birds to their original homes. Artist Vallery Puri portrays this scene on canvas with a touch of Indianness. The artwork reminds us that this world is for every living being on this planet.