5 Fascinating Artworks On Childhood Memories And Its Reminiscence

by Team Mojarto 

Our Childhood memories remain deeply rooted and etched in all our hearts. Almost every adult longs to return to their childhood. Childhood holds a very pivotal and special place in everybody’s life since it was the time when one could feel liberated from the materialistic needs of this world. We walk down the lanes of memories very often to keep in touch with the happiest times of our life. Though we can’t relive those memories, it’s a comfort to know that wherever we go, they will always be there in our minds. Happy those days! We found joy in simple things. A rainbow and fast-moving wind excited us and held us in enchantment. 

childhood memories
Memories Of Childhood 31 by Shiv Kumar Soni

“The child is the father of the man,” said William Wordsworth. Mojarto is proud to bring out artists who captured the golden times of our childhood memories on canvas. The above painting by Shiv Kumar Soni rightly brings out the essence of childhood through his works. The vibrant and attractive colors portray the innocence and playfulness of Childhood. These artworks make us wish to be a child again and stumble to find a way to bring back our childhood memories.

mother and child memories
Mother & Child by Vrindavan Solanki

Mother and Bedtime stories were the best part when we think about childhood memories. The bond that we had with our mother and bedtime stories could not merely be described by words. We loved listening to stories of fairies, talking animals, mythological characters and flying objects. Artist Vrindavan Solanki portrays the essence of such a scene wherein he presents us our story time with mother during our childhood through this artwork. The artist strikes a chord with the viewers by beautifully using the right amount of colors that give a complete look. The picture also efficiently brings out the emotional attachment that exists between the mother and her child that has no boundaries.

Aaja Nach Le by Jitendra Saini Memories
Aaja Nach Le….. by Jitendra Saini

This artwork brings out the childhood memories of our playtimes when we all happily sang songs and nursery rhymes. All our ‘ring-a-ring-a roses’ and bursting out into laughter at ‘we all fall down’ reminds us of our times away from the complexities of the world. Those were the times when we could play happily all along the day without any limitations and contemplations about the future. This artwork titled ‘Aaja Nach Le…..’ by Jitendra Saini presents before us the exact feelings of the children during their childhood by making the painting very colorful and by capturing the right images.

Pink Play By Monica Ghule memories
Pink Play By Monica Ghule

Do you remember the days when we used to play during our childhood, where a found object became a toy? Sticks, stones, papers or whatever the object may have been, they eventually became our favourite toys that we loved to play with our friends. Making paper boats and sending never-ending paper planes or rockets to the sky was our hobby. Paper planes were symbols of hope, hopes of flying up, up, and away, unaware of the society’s paradigm. Artist Monica Ghule portrays the joy of making our paper planes fly. Our childhood memories are incomplete without paper planes.

Mischief By Ria Das memories
Mischief By Ria Das

Through this painting, The artist Ria Das makes us long to be a child again through her artwork. The spark in the eyes and the innocence in the laugh of the children makes us forget the underlying meanings of the world and tells us to live our lives to the fullest. Ria Das very efficiently brings out the happiness of our childhood memories wherein we used to give the adorable laugh after every mischief after every mischief that we did during the golden days.