Ways To Enhance The Look Of Hotel Rooms With Budget-Friendly Prints

By Team Mojarto

The first impression is the best- is a quote we would have heard very often. It is our basic quality to form a mental assumption and image of a place or person based on the first few interactions. That image tends to hover over our memories for a long time. The same applies to your hotels too. If you are into the hotel business then here are ways to make the catch using interior design and decoration. Mojarto has a wide range of prints to make your hotel rooms ‘a home away from home.’ Decorating the rooms with unique and delightful artworks would make your guests feel comfortable and cosy. This in turn would make their stay memorable and happy which would automatically help you grow your business. Here are some reasons why budget-friendly prints are the perfect choice to decorate your hotel rooms easily and grow your business better.

Allure by Kavya vyas

Interior design can affect the way guest feels about their stay. The size and alignment of the lobby and rooms can be remodelled or rather revamped with bright wall colours, bright lights and artwork that suits it. This can improve the guest’s experience. Prints are the viable decors that spread maximum cosiness and comfort.

Flight To Freedom by Neeraj Raina

These prints are a blend of luxury and simplicity. It is a simple accent that can make your room more special and highlighted. Prints are also pocket-friendly and easy to maintain. Choose prints that transcend the rooms with energy, spirit and enthusiasm. It is best to avoid dull and gaudy artworks.

Dream Catcher by Bhavana Saxena

Lighting can be a great tool to make the spaces look spacious and large. It helps with the illusion of space. Find ways to make the room well-lit either with natural or man-made lighting. Remember that extra sunshine can potentially improve your mood. A perfect bright coloured print can enhance the lighting and change the mood according to the theme. Additionally, strategically placed mirrors can do the magic by capturing light and reflecting it onto the wall and your artwork.

Bougainvillea by Richa Tomar

It is advisable to add a little bit of greenery where ever possible in the room. A small pot of plant or an indoor ornamental plant can take comfort to the next level. If it is not possible to add a plant or flower to the decor, prefer choosing a print that celebrates the elegance of nature. Place a print on colourful flowers, green landscapes and waterscapes that suits the colour of the walls.