Artworks That Celebrate Gandhi And His Messages: A Remembrance And Homage

By Team Mojarto

People who know less about Gandhiji might say that Gandhian principles and philosophies are just ways of life and have nothing to do with art. But Gandhi himself was a great lover of art. The Mahatma used art as an expression of patriotism and a symbol of the Indian National Movement. Nandalal Bose, Vinayak Masoji and many other artists were encouraged in their pursuance of nationalism through art. Nandalal Bose’s Haripura paintings were a realistic and holistic expression of native art under the guidance of Gandhiji.

According to Bapuji, art is a harmony between the soul and the outer appearance of a human being. He staunchly believed and professed that God, Truth and Beauty are interlinked. The patron of art saw beauty in every being. He cherished the beauty of nature and its universal appeal. Gandhi viewed art as a symbol of happiness and a medium to spread his principles.

Apart from his love for art and artists, Gandhiji himself has been and continues to be a great muse for many artists around the world. The iconic figure is the equivalent of truth, peace, non-violence and austerity. He is a phenomenon whose ways of living and satyagrahas has influenced many artists. Mojarto has a collection of artworks on Gandhiji and his messages. Here are a few artworks by contemporary artists which celebrate the Father of Our Nation.

Gandhi by Gurmeet Marwah

Gandhi is loved by many for his austere way of life and simplicity. The icon is clad in simple white dhoti and shawl, through which he finds himself one among his people. Artist Gurmeet Marwah has captured Gandhiji in all his simplicity and charism, the simplicity and charism which made a huge mass of people follow him and his philosophies. The artwork shows Gandhi, the man who spread love and peace even to his enemies, waiting with symbols of love and truth in a deserted place. This makes the viewer rethink their understanding of truth, ahimsa and peace in today’s world. It reminds us that the principles of ahimsa, love, truth and justice are relevant today and tomorrow for a peaceful world, but it lies with us to notice, propagate and practise the philosophies of Gandhi and Truth.

Bapu Birthday-150 by Ramana Peram

Ramana Peram’s portrait of Gandhi is a tribute to him. Gandhi’s life is a message for everyone across the globe. He is a leader who has transcended boundaries and is celebrated internationally. His life and philosophies continued to guide us in all spheres of life. His life and doctrines of Satyagraha have inspired many like Nelson Mandela, Martin King Luther, Kofi Anan, Abdul Ghaffar Khan and many others. He is a soul who dedicated his entire life to the service of humanity, victory of truth and non-violence.

Satya by Haku Shah

It is said that Gandhi kept a photograph of a farmer from some rural India in his ashram. When being asked for the reason for it, Gandhi replied that every man and woman of this country are my brothers and sisters and I see everyone as the face of India. Similarly, the spinning charka and khadi find a significant place in his life. Gandhi strongly believed in swadeshi and indigeneity. This serigraph by Haku Shah portrays the leader’s love for India and Indianness. The artwork titled ‘Satya’ sums his life and ways of life.