The Never-Ending Debate Of Science And Philosophy Of Emotions

Human beings are a blend of science and philosophy. There is always a scientific and emotional theory for your bodily reactions. We call our emotions abstract because there is no tangible definition for them, but every living being experiences it. Science defines love as measurable changes in the biochemistry of the brain, but the generic understanding of love is that it starts with the heart. The increase and decrease of adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin bring emotional changes in us, but this is not accepted by many as emotions are philosophically connected to the soul.

Trapped by Prinkle Mehta

Similarly, anger, desire, courage, sorrow are innate feelings that cannot be expressed in words. Interestingly, there is also an intermixing of emotions— we cry both in happiness and sorrow.
Art captures emotions like these astutely. It even transcends the emotions of the onlooker. Here are some portrayals of tears that will make you look at them from a different perspective and see them glistening in their artistic renderings.

Tears by Maitry Shah

Having said that, let us talk about tears, a thing which amuses me to date. It confuses me and puts me in a dilemma in my pursuit of understanding it. The tiny droplets of liquid (water) roll down the cheek both in our happiness and sadness. Tears become the sign of joy, anger, agony and grief. It is the universal language of emotional expression. Incidentally, it proves the connection between the human mind, heart and soul.

Ardent Aurum by Kausik Karmakar

Tears are the most reflective aspect of life. As it rolls down, it carries with it a collection of memories; memories that are connected and not connected. We try to hide from the world because a tear never comes alone. Tears are stigmatised to be a characteristic of the weak and powerless. But the truth is, the tear is the characteristic of every living animal.

Weeping Trees by Unnati S Khare

However, only visible tears are noted and we largely neglect the tears of nature. As kids, we assumed, rain to be the tears from heaven. But later, as we grew, we realised that it was, it was the tears of joy from heaven. The tears of nature are for every tree that fell on the ground, the big hole in the sky and whooping exhausts. This leaves me wondering if plants cry every time you cut it!!