Rural Rhapsody, A Journey Through Indian Villages

By Team Mojarto

For the city-weary urban eye, unhurried village life can be quite unsettling at first. However, one would soon get used to the gentle pace.  Here is a showcase of some beautiful vignettes from rural life.

1. Daily commute and commune

Village Tales- ii by Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh

Travelling to work in a rural area proceeds at a slow pace and is also a time for a bit of camaraderie. This acrylic on canvas distinctly captures the various moods of the women travelling, while one is cheerful, another sulks and so on.  The keen attention to detail makes this work truly magnificent.

The artist Anukta M. Ghosh says, “This is part of my series titled India on Canvas, a travelogue from my visits across the country, caught in canvas with colours and brush instead of the pen. This is inspired by the daily commute to and fro by the village women of Bengal in their vicinity.”

2. Gossip makes the world go round

Secluded Gossip By Cr Shelare

This work titled ‘Secluded Gossip’ is something so relatable! It depicts two village women sharing tidbits of gossip as they sit behind a wall.  Their brightly coloured clothes against the bright wall show how colours and these hidden moments bring joy into their lives which would be drab otherwise.

3. Drawing out the strength within

Untitled-7 by Srinivasa Chary

Rural women have a strength that comes from the daily rigours of their life. This work shows strong women who embrace life with a vigour that’s contagious. Chary P.S. says, “Most of my work is based on Telangana human landscape. All my life I have lived among the people of Telangana. Their faces, gestures and attires have deeply imprinted themselves upon my soul. And their eyes shine with a peculiar rural concern which I find enchanting. I tried to use these external qualities as portals through which my brush can capture the unique essence of their existence.