Lakes, Lotus Blooms And Lyrical Canvases

By Daya Kingston

Lakes have always had a fairytale appeal, they were considered to be infused with mystical powers or even harbour monsters and nymphs. In Hinduism, lakes are considered doorways to another world. These attributions apart, lakes have always had a timeless beauty and here are some works that capture their ethereal quality.

1. Lotus blooms and simple pleasures


Lotus Lake By Varsha Kharatmal

When you are looking for a painting that takes you away from the dust and the drama of urban life, this one lets you lose yourself in the simple pleasures of the natural world. As the girl collects lotus blooms from the lake, the boatman looks on. A waterbird with a fish in its beak adds to the charm. In the distance is seen a mountain settlement, as if to imply the separation between a dream world and reality. This expressionist work draws hints of traditional figurative imagery from Rajasthani miniatures and is an acrylic on canvas.

2. Abstract delight


Village By The Lake By Gangu Gouda

This abstract work by Gangu Gouda has a soothing effect and would be perfect to add a dash of lively colour to a living room. The colour palette of pleasing purples, pinks and blues contrasted with a bright red throws in drama. The detail of the tiny village houses gives the canvas a quaint feel. An acrylic on canvas that reaches out and touches your heart with warmth.