Perfect Artworks To Enhance The Beauty Of A Study Room

  • Team Mojarto

A good study room can change many things in our life. A study has been a place where there have been many eureka moments for various scientists and philosophers. It is the room that can inspire and motivate us. That room should be calm, peaceful and relaxing so that the level of concentration is more and stable. A rightly decorated study room can help us finish the task at hand with ease. The space can be a dedicated room or a tiny corner of a room, you can easily decorate a space to reflect your personal touch. It is always good to personalise the space with your choice of colour, accessories and extras. But money can be a real constraint sometimes. Mojarto has a wide range of artworks to enhance the beauty of the study room within your budget. It is best to paint the study room with light colours as it can make your room look spacious and reflect light. Dark colours make the surrounding more cramped and gloomy. Adding elegant artwork that matches your wall colour can lift the mood and lighting of the space.

Includes artworks that depict shapes. In that sense, lines are an essential decoration style that represents and reflects its energy in the setting. Zigzag lines are a combination of diagonal lines that connect at points. They take on the dynamic and high energy characteristics of diagonal lines. They create excitement and intense movement. This lined artwork can motivate people to be productive.

Decorate your study room with natural elements and images as these biophilic elements bring a natural calmness that makes a space refreshing and increases productivity. This is why green design elements are now becoming a crucial design element in workplace design. The presence of biophilic elements, such as plants or artworks that portray the beauty of nature through its colours is calming.

Eternal Circle-Zen by Baljit Singh Chadha

Motivate yourself with inspiring themes and images. Choose an artwork that inspires you. If the room makes you feel inspired, you’re likely to study harder and dedicate yourself to achieving your goals.

My Silence Dream by Poonam Rana

Choose a minimalistic artwork that has minimal images and objects. A heavy imagery filled artwork can make the room to be heavy and cluttered. Additionally, minimalist artworks can reflect light and keep your room bright. A minimalistic artwork added with the perfect lighting can reduce distractions and improve focus. Choose neutral colours based accent pieces to grace your wall.

Song Of Wind by Nimesh Pilla

Placing a suitable sculpture right next to your study table can be helpful. Carefully choose the sculpture that motivates you and reminds you to constantly work towards your goal. Avoid adding too many statues or other decorations. The space should be clutter-free so you don’t get distracted or overwhelmed.