Lets Embrace Nature To Escape From The Chaos Of The World

By Team Mojarto 

Some of us are always looking for excuses to take a break, spend time in the arms of nature and get lost in little corners of the world. We always want to get out and explore, see the beauty that the world holds. Celebrate the traveller, the wanderlust within you with these affordable fine art prints that transport you to your happy places without having to leave your couch.

Mountains & Valley By Priya Kurup Nature
Mountains & Valley By Priya Kurup

This artwork takes us to the calm and serene mountains, in the midst of the greatness that continuously makes us want to know more, feel more, see more… to become more. There is something about the mountains that keeps us on the edge yet wraps us in the sensation of safety. If you must lose yourself, get lost in the mountains and nature.

Sunset By The Beach By Gitika Singh Nature
Sunset By The Beach by Gitika Singh

To some the sea is just water, to the travellers and seekers, it’s where they regain sanity. It’s the roar of the ocean, the warmth of the beaches and the shades of sunset that some of us crave. Let art take you to the scenic beauty of nature while you enjoy morning coffee in your space.

Skies At Dusk By Vandana Mehta
Skies At Dusk By Vandana Mehta

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sky drenched in the million colours of the sunset. The ones who leave the comforts of their homes just to watch the sky romancing the sun, who wake up early only to begin their day by getting absorbed in the beauty of sunrises, are the ones who truly understand the power of dusk and dawn. Cherish your love for the nature with an artwork that reminds you of all the sunsets you’ve seen and all that’s yet to be enjoyed.

This list would be incomplete without a world map art print. Unlike the many you’ve seen before, this one takes inspiration from the free birds, bound by nothing but their will to explore, much like the travellers and the adventurers. This one is for those of us who’ve got a crush on the world!

Wave Of Meteors By Upendra Pinnelli
Wave Of Meteors By Upendra Pinnelli

 ‘On top of the mountains and beneath the stars is where I feel alive.’ The nights spent under the million stars, in the midst of mountains and tall trees are a treasure, some moments you never want to forget. Never go too long without watching the stars!